Sunday, August 31, 2008


While Malaysia celebrating its 51st independence day, I am waiting for my flight to Singapore at KLIA . This is my first time taking aircraft to the air and my first time leaving Malaysia too. Moreover this is a turning point in my life since this is my first job after all those study life in school. So much first time... Hehe~
My flight is on 7.30pm and estimate will reach Singapore on 8.25pm. Less than one hour from KLIA to Changi Airport. So fast if comparing to the train or bus...
I think I already on the plane now and waiting to take off... Malaysia, bye bye. See you after two weeks time~ Singapore, here I come!
I will be staying at Paramount Hotel tonight and hope can find some places to online... Not sure the room is nice or not.
In the end, probably I can't online for awhile because I don't have any laptop around me. Hopefully can find some place to online. All the best to my friends... See you soon when I back!

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