Thursday, August 27, 2009


Few months back, I went to Malacca with Angeline for a short trip vacation. Since I quite busy + lazy for updating the blog recently, I'm thinking just upload the photos although not much only.
Windmill at Malacca

A different path



Fall asleep just now while my TV and laptop are still on. Get up from the bed to switch them off. Looking at the clock now, just realize already pass 3am+ now. Sahur time for those Islamic followers while I still here updating my blog. Since that day I leaved my home, I travel to Miri and now stuck in Bintulu Hotel. Standby for go out offshore working.

That day traveled from Miri to Bintulu noticed a horrible car accident. A 4WD crash into another 4WD and role over few times and stuck at the road side with 45degree tilt. Front side almost totally gone. Seen like the impact is very great and high speed. The road without any lights and you only able to see the light from your car. It is possible to have such horrible accident. Hope no people is injure in that accident.

This is 3rd night staying at Bintulu. Nothing to do for whole day and only can access to internet and watching tv for whole day. While I'm damn boring, I'm thinking to order McD for my lunch and just remember there are no McD outlet in Bintulu area... No McD for lunch...
Afterward, I wish to drink coffee so first thing flashing in my mind sure is Starbucks. But where to find Starbucks here? In the end, no Starbucks or McD for me. Just can surfing for whole day.
Actually Bintulu just a small town only. Not much development having here. So it is not special to not have such outlet over here. Not critic over here but just miss my Starbucks a lot!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project Kuala Lumpur - Part 2

Final part of the results from Project Kuala Lumpur. Just wish to add the photos without and quote. Hope you enjoy it.
Kuala Lumpur - 09

Kuala Lumpur - 08

Kuala Lumpur - 11

Kuala Lumpur - 10

Kuala Lumpur - 12

By the way, Happy Independence Day for Malaysia on end of this month...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Project Kuala Lumpur - Part 1

When I was on the rig, I am thinking to have a photo shoot of Kuala Lumpur when I get back from there. Since I didn't visit KL lately, I decided to have a KL street shoot project. And here are the results... C&C is most welcome!
Kuala Lumpur - 01

Kuala Lumpur - 02

Kuala Lumpur - 03

Kuala Lumpur - 04

Kuala Lumpur - 05

Kuala Lumpur - 06

Kuala Lumpur - 07

Monday, August 3, 2009

Own light box


Angeline and I went for shopping that day. What I bought is plenty of stationary and a big cardboard box. Today I using all those stuff and constructed a light box for myself. I always wish to have a small light box to shoot all those small items. I take out my baby and try to shoot inside the light box. The photo above is the result from my light box. Hehe~

Saturday, August 1, 2009