Monday, July 28, 2008


Wall-E, a robot build for carry out cleaning job on the surface of the earth which human being no longer lives on the earth. But one day, he met a wonderful feminine robot called EVE. Her job is to find plant life on the earth surface. When Wall-E saw her on the first sight, Wall-E know he already fall in love with her. Even robot knew what is love and he starting to try her best to win her heart. For this movie, it is truly a love story for me. I hope I can watch this movie with a girl too. haha~
Advertlets is giving out free tickets again. Each people can earn themselves two tickets. And I hope can watch this movie in theater with my love one(with advertlets help)~

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Wall-E trailer is here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why So Serious?

Why so serious?
I am damn tension now!

Bad decision again

When I open up newspaper this morning, I found that two very contrast newspaper headlines. One is the country's inflation hit a 27-year high of 7.7% in June, more than double May's figure of 3.8%. In the other hand, our dear Terengganu Government had spent RM3.43 million to replace its Perdana V6 Executive cars for use as their official cars.

Ya, I know that the inflation mainly cause by the side effect of petrol hike in the world market. So as a small citizen in Malaysia, we only can control our own financial usage to save more money to hold on the inflation situation. But those so called Menteri Besar never be a model to those normal citizen.

Why am I said that? Ya, sure u read today newspaper and found that those Menteri Besar Terengganu spent RM3.43 million just to buy 14 new Mercedes E200 Kompressor to replace 4-year old Perdana V6 Executive with nonsense reasons, especially our country in this kind of condition now.

You know what reasons they gave? Ya, they claimed that they spent more than RM100,000 to repair and maintain those Perdana in this 4 years. What?! RM100,000 to maintainance fees? Why is the amount so big? Just 4 years can spent RM100,000? Moreover why they criticize Proton since we all know Proton is low quality?

Ya, I really disappointed with those politic leader in our country~ Hope Malaysia will be a better country soon or later.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shaolin Girl

Yeah! I just being informed by Advertlets that I successful get 2 tickets for "Shaolin Girl" Press Screening on 30 July (Wednesday) 10:30AM at GSC Mid Valley. There are only 50 seats and i got 2! Yes! Thank you Adverlets!
Besides, I have the opportunity to meet with Natalie Fong in the Shaolin Girl outfit too!
Synopsis: Starring Kitty Zhang Yuqi (from CJ7) and produced by Steven Chow.
About a young kung fu teacher, Rin, who must take over her grandfather's dojo. In order to prepare herself, she make a journey to China for 3,000 days of grueling Shaolin kung fu training. Upon her return to Japan, she works to rebuild the dojo and joins her university lacrosse club, putting her considerable prowess to work for the team.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Ya, Adam Sandler is back on August on his latest movie "You Don’t Mess With the Zohan"!
I like his movie so much~ Since his last movie (I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry), I can't help to keep laughing on his funny acting. He definitely is one of my favourite comedy actor~

Now, advertlets is giving away more than 200 tickets to the movie screening of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan! So I wish I can be an early bird to watch the movie! Hehe~

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Here is the funny trailer~ Enjoy...

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Life

I reedit this photo using Photoshop. Make it more contrast on the new life on the old tree. I take this photo long time ago but I still very love this shot. Now my camera can't use anymore. Hopefully can save enough money soon for my first DSLR~ Haha~ Can't wait for it~
But I really confuse on with which DSLR I should buy. I think I will buy either Canon Eos 400D or Canon Eos 450D.
Left handside is Canon Eos 450D; right handside is Canon Eos 400D. 450D is a new upgrade version from 400D. Hopefully I can get 450D before end of this year. Ya, set it as my christmas wish~ hehe...
Little baby, wait me~ I will get myself to you soon~ Wait me!

Ichiban Ramen

Yesterday I went to Ichiban Ramen at Jusco, Cheras Selatan with my friends. That place still ok... I think the store's ambience better than Food and Tea (PS: Food and Tea is a store selling Hong Kong style food.)
I order Beef Ramen and Watermelon Green Tea Juice as my drink. The beef ramen still ok but the drink is fabulous. I love the drink. Watermelon flavour on the top plus green tea flavour on the bottom. Quite special for me but luckily it is nice to drink.
My friend order Karagare (PS: actually just japanese style fried chicken, haha) plus Iced Lemon Tea. Although the food is normal but food presentation is very nice. Seen like delicious for me... Yummy...
Another friend just order Japanese Fried Rice plus Apple Juice. The fired rice is ok for me but seen like too average for me, haha~
After our brunch, we all have a walk at the Jusco and I snap my friends from the back~ Hehe~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Discovery Channel Commercial - Boom De Ah Dah!

Discovery Channel Commercial - Boom De Ah Dah!

I like this commercial so I download it from Youtube~ Ya, we should love our world instead to keep pollute our world with all the rubbish and pollution. Save our world, Save it for the younger generation before it gone forever~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I think most of the Malaysian sure knows which is the University of Malaya (UM). So called the oldest university in Malaysia and the most reputably too. Ya, may be studying at UM is an honour to somebody but some of the management decision in UM really makes me laugh.
I bet all the UM students will recognize this building, right? Ya, that is the Auditorium of Kompleks Perdana Siswa (KPS). As we know, there are some ATM machines there. If my memory served me right, there is a robbery occurred in front of this building last time when those security guards are transferring money to the machine. So the security must be improved a lot after the robbery, right?

But do you know what I saw on the top of all those ATM Machine?
Ya, a CCTV on the top of all those ATM machine. but wait a minute, what the heck with that CCTV? Why the CCTV hanging like that? Isn't it should be pointing at the line waiting to the ATM machine or the main entrance? Why that CCTV is up side down and just put on the security alarm box?
Ya, may be Bush will have that face expression when looking at that CCTV. Haha~ Hooray UM!

Famous Hon Kee Porridge

Famous Hon Kee Porridge, located at 93, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. This stall already has history of over 60 years operating near Petaling street.

Their porridge is using fragrant rice, ikan billis, old hens and pork bones to cook it. Thus, sure the porridge is so smooth and delicious. I go there very frequent to having their porridge for breakfast. hehe~

Besides, there are some additional ingredients such as handmade Pork Balls, crispy Fried Pig's Innards and fresh fish to add into their porridge. The extra flavour makes the porridge become better in taste.
Raw Fish + Porridge
handmade Pork Balls + Porridge
crispy Fried Pig's Innards + Porridge

Diners also can just order the side food if still not enough for tasting it.
Raw Fish
crispy Fried Pig's Innards
fried Yau Char Koay

All the food is so nice and delicious until an incident happen on me. On an early morning, I went there and I ordered a porridge for my breakfast. Due to it so hot then I start eating it slowly. But after I stirred the bottom of my porridge, I have a huge discover. When I look clearly into my porridge, I found that there is a little buddy saying Hi to me.
It really disgusting because I am eating the porridge while the cockroach "swimming" in it. After that incident, I never go to that stall anymore.... I scare I will meet with the little buddy again.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am damn tired~ These days keep making phone call and do survey about which car I have to buy. Badger with two company really exhausted. Moreover too many advices from all over the place causing me a little bit tension for all those stuff.
Frankly speaking, both companies really have huge differences.
1. Working hours
2. Salary
3. Benefit + allowance
4. Position
5. Location of working

There is so many differences until I don't know what should I choose. But now, I made my decision which is I choose the company located at Shah Alam. Hopefully I don't make a wrong decision.

Due to the job requirement, I have to posses own transport. So I have to buy a car. Yeah, at last I have my own car.... Quite happy with that cause no need ask people fetch you go everywhere.

First thing in my mind is I can get Proton new Saga. Reasonable price with those spec but after I went to three branch including the Subang Jaya HQ to ask about the car, they all replied me: If you want to book now, estimate only you can get the car three or four months (fastest). Or five to six months if demand very high.

Oh my gosh, 3 months - 6 months? How I gonna go to work? Dammit~ Thus, what can I do? I go look for other cars, maybe Naza Forza(previously called Sutera) or Perodua Viva. From Motor Trader Forum, all the information about Naza Forza is negative because actually there is not much changes from the Sutera and Sutera always facing faulty and easy to breakdown. I not sure is only their car like this or what but I really don't dare to try it so tomorrow have to go ask Perodua Viva, hopefully can successfully make the booking.

Looking forward to my own car~

PS: Sure we all have gone through this but I feel tired when without other people teaching how to do. I still young on this kind of stuff... But I will get ride of it soon...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kitty in love

Do you all like animals? Such as cats, dogs and others... You all like it? I am so touching when I saw the photo above, that young girl is kissing the kitty and the kitty was so cute~

Enjoying the following photos at below...
Title: Kitty in Love

Being together
Care for each other
Close to each other
Hug together

Happy Birthday, Ah Tat~

Happy birthday to you, Ah Tat.
Wish you all the best in your life and happy forever~

Yes, we celebrating birthday again. This time is Wei Tat turns. Happy birthday to you. Sorry dude for the yesterday celebration, it is a complete mess... Sorry... Hope you don't mind. I never think that got so many issue came out... But in the end, we still can have a nice Pizza, hehe~
Ohya, do you like the cakes? Those cakes are bought from "Bread Story", nice isn't it? After all the traffic jams and bad food in "Food and Tea(欢喜地)", at last we reached The Mines Shopping Mall. Then we all rush into Pizza Hut cause we too hungry already.
Here is the Shao Xing Gong(寿星公) and dear ah hung~
This is our transportation provider, dear Raymond Wong. He really got boss look, hehe~
Our mastermind in our group, dear ah hung~
Here is the only princess in our group, don't jealous oh~ hehe

But where is me? I am missing again... Most of the time, sure i won't appear in all that photo cause I am the photographer which taking all those photo. That is what I like to do. So the disadvantage is so obvious cause I always missing... Sad~ Do you see what I see in the photo below? haha~ Ya, i think you saw it now. The only photo I appear in yesterday celebration and the only group photo we take. Thank you, Yen Ting...

No Black Tie

No Black Tie, located at Lorong Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, Off Jalan Raja Chulan. It is just beside Istana Hotel and it is not so difficult to be found. Just pay attention to the sign board of the road. Sure can find it. No Black Tie could be one of Malaysia's premier Jazz Clubs located in the heart of KL.
The place so mystery when you looking it from outside. Green back light behind the No Black Tie's sign and whole entrance covers by a lot of trees. If you are a careless person, sure hard to notice the main entrance. hehe~
I heard that the place have two area, one is upstairs and another one is below it. Those performers are performing at downstairs. Every weekend, that place sure will be crowded with people and it becomes very pack.
Unfortunately, I am not yet been there before but I always wish I can go that place since long time ago. Hopefully I can go there soon. I am looking forward to that moment...

From there, you can check their performance schedule.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What should i choose?

Konica Minolta Glass Tech (M) Sdn Bhd

I have to go Melacca interview this Thursday again. Damn shit, need to take a bus go there. Should be very tired...
One of my course mate working there. As she told me, this company not quite ok for her. She asks me to find other jobs first, if really don't have then only accepted the job at there.
The picture show the compound of the company, actually quite huge compound since it is a manufacturing company. But the truth is huge company but less manpower inside. So the remaining staffs have to work more.

Officially working hour is 8:30am - 5pm, it is so normal, right? But due to lack of manpower, most of the people will stay until 7pm or 8pm. This because they can't go back since their boss not yet back. So my course mate working hour became 8am - 8:30pm. That is almost 12 hours! Sure it is suffered.

Supposedly, this job only work Monday to Friday but due to some project have some tight schedule so they have to work on weekends too. But after that, they will replace those off day on weekdays (still two days).

From all of these, the salary only RM2000 per month. I still don't know is it providing accommodation for those people like me. So do you think I should get the job?