Saturday, July 12, 2008

Famous Hon Kee Porridge

Famous Hon Kee Porridge, located at 93, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. This stall already has history of over 60 years operating near Petaling street.

Their porridge is using fragrant rice, ikan billis, old hens and pork bones to cook it. Thus, sure the porridge is so smooth and delicious. I go there very frequent to having their porridge for breakfast. hehe~

Besides, there are some additional ingredients such as handmade Pork Balls, crispy Fried Pig's Innards and fresh fish to add into their porridge. The extra flavour makes the porridge become better in taste.
Raw Fish + Porridge
handmade Pork Balls + Porridge
crispy Fried Pig's Innards + Porridge

Diners also can just order the side food if still not enough for tasting it.
Raw Fish
crispy Fried Pig's Innards
fried Yau Char Koay

All the food is so nice and delicious until an incident happen on me. On an early morning, I went there and I ordered a porridge for my breakfast. Due to it so hot then I start eating it slowly. But after I stirred the bottom of my porridge, I have a huge discover. When I look clearly into my porridge, I found that there is a little buddy saying Hi to me.
It really disgusting because I am eating the porridge while the cockroach "swimming" in it. After that incident, I never go to that stall anymore.... I scare I will meet with the little buddy again.


-JeSs- said...

I think dat incident happened wen u r with us to melacca rite?

Ben, the Kitty said...

Ya, my dear Jess. You are right. You are with me that time. hehe~