Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A4Tech G6 Saver Wireless Desktop

I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse recently. It is A4Tech G6 Saver Wireless Desktop and the model number is GK - 770D. This wireless keyboard and mouse is using 2.4GHz RF wireless technology to operate and it is fine-tuned with 16 selected channels; it offers precise and smooth wireless operation even in busy wireless environments. It allows many wireless devices to operate simultaneously in one area without interfering in the range about 10meters.
Wireless keyboard & mouse 01
2-way communication technology features error correction capability that speeds up data transmission without delay and increases wireless precision. "Auto Channel Hopping" technology automatically detects and secures available channels in the busy public 2.4GHz universal band. It ensures better quality of wireless communication.
Wireless keyboard & mouse 02
This 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard is designed with ultra low battery power consumption; it only requires 1mA of electric current to operate. It saves valuable battery power and cost. Besides, it have ultra slim profile which reduced typing noise and it is ideal for fast typing. And laser inscribed keys ensure it will never loose key identity.

This keyboard also included internet hot keys, multimedia hot keys and Internet jot keys too. All this hot keys can re-assign to your favourite hot keys by installing the driver come along with the keyboard.
Wireless keyboard & mouse 03
This 2.4GHz RF wireless mouse is designed with "4 Level Auto Power Saving" modes with ultra low battery power consumption, it only requires 8mA of electric current to operate. It saves valuable battery power and cost. No channel synchronization required when replacing batteries because of the built-in memory inside the mouse.
Wireless keyboard & mouse 04
The mouse features 5 programmable buttons that can be customized to increase productivity. A4tech's exclusive office jump quick access button provides 24 sets of pre-defined pair additional office functions by installing the software come along with the mouse. It have quick access to Copy, Paste, Delete, Reply All, Save as, Open, all in your fingertip.

This mouse feature with "2X Button" which allows you directly opens files and programs. Saves time and improves efficiency. Two buttons at the left hand side of the mouse use as zoom in, zoom out, back and forward. Besides, this mouse is using 1000 dpi to increase the sensitivity of the mouse.
Wireless keyboard & mouse 05
Specially designed with ID code button, the mouse and keyboard allows you to use any A4Tech receiver. In case of losing it, you may obtain another one and don't need to worry the mouse and keyboard are useless.

The conclusion is this wireless keyboard and mouse provides us more flexibility working environments and working distance while it is not expensive also. Shortcut keys or Hot keys allows us work faster and quite easy to use it.

First time @ SUBWAY

This is my first time having Subway Sandwich. Since SUBWAY is different with others, I am damn awkward when I did the purchase. We can choose different kind of bread, ingredient and sauce to fill your delicious sandwich. It is quite fun because you can try your creativity to create your own favourite sandwich.
Subway 03
By the way, the drinks will be order differently with your sandwich but there are not much choices to choose for though. Angeline is very happy while she holding her sandwich. We bought two different sandwiches, one is Subway Melt and another one is Spicy Italian. Subway Melt is having turkey breast, turkey ham and breakfast strips while Spicy Italian is having pepperoni and salami. Great taste!
Trust me, the taste damn good. If you like sandwiches then you must go to try this. Maybe this is not the best but this is the way I love sandwiches. Cheers~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is your blood type?

Received an e mail about the personality of the blood type. Post it to share with you but it is in Chinese. Let see how accurate is it. Haha~

Blood Type A

Blood Type B

Blood Type O

Blood Type AB

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Penang! Part III

Ghee Hiang 01
Do you know what is "Tau Sar Pneah(豆沙饼)"? It is fluffy pastry with green bean paste filling and tau sar means green beans in Hokkien. I went to Ghee Hiang (義香) to buy some Tau Sar Pneah, Beh Teh Saw(马蹄酥), Hneoh Pneah (香饼)and Sesame Seed Oil. Ghee Hiang (義香) is a very old brand which start from year 1856 until now. Theif product is very good and very suitable to buy as a souvenir for family and friends.
Ghee Hiang 02
These two fat guys are standing outside of the Ghee Hiang main outlet near to Jalan Macalister at Penang island. Seen like they are so engorge in these two photos. Haha~
Penang Komtar
Lastly, I shot the tallest building in Penang which is called Penang Komtar. Shot it from inside the car when stopped at the traffic light. Not bad isn't it? Hehe~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penang! Part II

Penang Panorama
First time shot panorama photo with my camera... Don't know how to set the exposure. Seen like not good so I convert it into black and white photo. Sure will try it later if got chance again. Due to the blog didn't fit bigger photo in here, so I put smaller version of this panorama photo.
Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang
Kek Lok Si at Penang Island... Actually I wish to see the Guang Yin but due to they almost near to the closing time so I didn't go up there. Wuwuwu...
On the way going up the Penang hill by the cable car. The cable car damn small and damn slow but still very enjoy to have a ride. Do you see me from the side mirror reflection? Haha~
Took some flower's photos. I like the environment on the top of the hill. Chilling cold...
Is this called Bunga Kertas? I think so...
Last photo for this post will be the ferry of the Penang. Famaous Icon too. Love it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Penang Ferry
Few months back, Angeline and I went back to Penang together. Angeline went back her home while I pay a visit to Penang after 8 years back since I last visited Penang. Angeline and I were damn lucky because we had a ride in a ferry called "Pulau Pinang" when we travel from Penang Island to Perai.
Took a shot for the cloudy sky through my sun glasses. Then edited in Photoshop and tuned it up. I love to shoot skies... Damn like it...
Took this in one of the temples. Forgot which temple is it. Too many temples in Pulau Penang.
Green bamboo trees outside a temple with bluish sky at the back...
Shot this photo on the top of the Penang Hill while waiting the cable car to go down. Nice red flower all over the trees.
Penang Island
When had the ferry ride, I took this Penang Island's photo. Add some feelings into this photo.
Penang Bridge
Finally, I shot this famous iconic bridge of Pulau Penang. If not mistaken, this is the longest bridge in Malaysia though.