Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First time @ SUBWAY

This is my first time having Subway Sandwich. Since SUBWAY is different with others, I am damn awkward when I did the purchase. We can choose different kind of bread, ingredient and sauce to fill your delicious sandwich. It is quite fun because you can try your creativity to create your own favourite sandwich.
Subway 03
By the way, the drinks will be order differently with your sandwich but there are not much choices to choose for though. Angeline is very happy while she holding her sandwich. We bought two different sandwiches, one is Subway Melt and another one is Spicy Italian. Subway Melt is having turkey breast, turkey ham and breakfast strips while Spicy Italian is having pepperoni and salami. Great taste!
Trust me, the taste damn good. If you like sandwiches then you must go to try this. Maybe this is not the best but this is the way I love sandwiches. Cheers~

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