Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


For my this year Christmas and New Year, I have to spend my time on the rig. I only can get back to home on 2nd of Jan. I feel depress today due to I can't get back to home to celebrate Christmas for this year. I like Christmas very much, I see this festival much bigger than my own birthday. I don't exactly know why I so like Christmas, maybe I'm a Catholic? I also not sure about it.

Today is Christmas eve, those rig crew just finish up preparing the Christmas tree at the galley. When I saw that Christmas tree decoration, I feel more depress than before. I have to spend my Christmas facing the ocean while I doing nothing only facebook-ing for whole day.

I wish I can have a warm coffee and sitting on the couch while enjoying those Christmas atmosphere on the street. I wish Santa Claus can stop by my rig and pick me up to back to my home. I wish to celebrate Christmas at the town but not this freezing cold ocean. But I know this kind of miracle won't happen so easy unless I faster go to sleep and have a great dream tonight.

I have to face my situation here. The fact is I can't celebrate my Christmas at home this year. Hope other people can enjoy their Christmas eve tonight. Play crazy and enjoy the joy... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

How you go to work?

How you all go to work every time? I think most of the people will travel by car, motorcycle, bus, KTM or LRT, right? It is so often to travel by those transportation to go to work. But due to my job requirement, I need to travel by airplane, boat and even helicopter. Ya, it is a true flying helicopter. In this trip, I no longer going to Miri but is Kota Bahru. And I go to the rig by helicopter type Sikorsky S-76, just like the photo below.
How is the feeling travel by helicopter? Firstly I really nervous when I preparing to board into the helicopter. When it want to start take off, it seen like playing video game. It is so fast and just take off like plane too. I'm very exciting since I just sit behind the pilot, so I can observed what the pilot did when taking off, so cool! My journey from Kota Bahru airport to the rig is almost spend half an hour so it is not so far. In the middle of the journey, we went through a cloud. And inside the cloud, it was raining on that time. So I almost can feel all those cloud pass by the helicopter. Nice experience for me. In the end, if anyone ask me how is helicopter ride? I sure will tell them it is damn nice but too noisy from the propeller and damn small cocpit... Haha~ I am looking forward to my second helicopter ride when I leaving this rig... still got 11 days to go...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crap? Ya, I think so~

I'm at rig now but I still can online but just not too often. So this time I went to Kota Bahru but not Miri anymore. Bored... Bored... Bored...

Not smooth in work~

Not smooth in conversation with someone in msn~

Not smooth in my feeling underneath my chest~

Just want to post a post out here so that someone notice me I'm not die yet. Haha~ By the way, this is the photo I took it before that and I re-edited it into the photo as below... See her eyes? Isn't it very nice and sharp? hehe~


Friday, December 5, 2008

Malaysia's economic going downturn?

Who said Malaysia's economic is going downturn recently? Before this, I really believe that is true but after I witness one amazing scene, I totally change my mind. As you can see at below, do you see all those peoples?
Ya, due to there is a sales for some branded goods so all those peoples are rushing to there for shopping. There are so many peoples "rebut sini, rebut sana" to choose their lovely items. Although Malaysia's economic not very good now but we still don't forget to continue our shopping. And the petrol's price will be going down soon, I think there will be more people come out for the year end sales for this december. Salute~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My first Christmas present for this year.

Merry Christmas! Christmas just around the corner from now and Intel just gave me a present. Ya, you don't hear it wrong, the largest microprocessor manufacturer, Intel. Why Intel want to give me a cute cute bear? That because of I answer their all 5 question then they directly gave me a cute bear as below. Haha~ That is my first Christmas present for this year! Yahooo~~