Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


For my this year Christmas and New Year, I have to spend my time on the rig. I only can get back to home on 2nd of Jan. I feel depress today due to I can't get back to home to celebrate Christmas for this year. I like Christmas very much, I see this festival much bigger than my own birthday. I don't exactly know why I so like Christmas, maybe I'm a Catholic? I also not sure about it.

Today is Christmas eve, those rig crew just finish up preparing the Christmas tree at the galley. When I saw that Christmas tree decoration, I feel more depress than before. I have to spend my Christmas facing the ocean while I doing nothing only facebook-ing for whole day.

I wish I can have a warm coffee and sitting on the couch while enjoying those Christmas atmosphere on the street. I wish Santa Claus can stop by my rig and pick me up to back to my home. I wish to celebrate Christmas at the town but not this freezing cold ocean. But I know this kind of miracle won't happen so easy unless I faster go to sleep and have a great dream tonight.

I have to face my situation here. The fact is I can't celebrate my Christmas at home this year. Hope other people can enjoy their Christmas eve tonight. Play crazy and enjoy the joy... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone!


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chee yee said... can date us n re-celebrate with us when u back:D