Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Christmas Present

For this year Christmas, I have to celebrate on the rig. Nothing much celebration on the rig but we still have a small Christmas tree and plentiful food on that day. We got turkey, lobster, salmon, chicken, duck, beef and plenty more. Huge meal but I only had some cause I don't have appetite on that day. But I still got myself a coke from the galley to celebrate myself while facing the rough sea.

Now, I back to home already and I suppose to play hard in this holiday. Unluckily, I got sick this few days. Flu, fever and sore throat are killing me. Hope to recover soon cause I want to play and I deserve to have great holiday while I have my off day. Looking forward.... Hehe~

By the way, I get myself a pair of sunglasses for this year Christmas present!

Merry Christmas to myself! Yeah~


I set up a small so called "studio" in my room to prepare shooting my new Ray Ban sunglasses. Setting up the backdrop and the tripod so that I don't shake my camera while I taking my photos.


Actually I bought this few weeks before Christmas but until now I only make these shooting on it. Quite lazy recently and I already get sick twice in two months straight. My body gets weaker and weaker. Sigh~


This is the whole package of new Ray Ban sunglasses. Actually the frame is quite big but it is suit for me when I put it on, is it mean my face BIG? haha~ I love this shape of sunglasses since long time ago. At last I owned this with my own hardworking effort. Hurray!


angeline said...

nice pair...Ray Ban, i want it too..hehe~

Ben, the Kitty said...

sure you will get it too(in the future), haaha~