Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebook? Messenger?

Old man

Nowadays, many people addicted to Windows Live Messenger and Facebook. People start to reduce the usage of using hand phone to sms their friends but using the functions from Windows Live Messenger and Facebook to contact their friends.

Am I one of them? Be honest, I am. I quite enjoy using Facebook to know how my friend is doing on recently. But I'm more enjoying hang out with friends in the reality than only virtually. At least I can see their emotions while I make conversation with them, isn't it better than emoticons, right?

But there are some of the people like to spend most of their time in chatting or playing Facebook while they forgot what they really should do in the real world. Can we survive in this world if you just spending most of the time on these things? Get rid with the past and move forward. What you did now will sure affect your life in the future. That's 100% sure.

What am I talking here not just to bring up more problems with those people but I just want to share with others which facing the same problem. God bless them and hooray.

The End

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