Thursday, January 8, 2009

Malaysia Airlines

When I going to Kota Bahru, I almost miss my flight cause there is a heavily traffic jam on the highway. You know what is causing the traffic jam? They try to pave the road with new tar and close 2 lanes from 3 lanes highway. So what is the consequence? I'm late for check in my flight!

Oh my gosh, Is it mean I need to buy another flight ticket with my own money?! When I ask the front counter for check in, the MAS ground personnel shout on me with not propriety tones. Be honest, I don't like his tones since I already explain not my fault and I'm requesting help over here. At last, he asks me to go to another counter on the back of the row.

At the second counter, I explain my situation to that Malay staff and he said he can help me after he check my details on the computer but he need some time to process my check in. He is so polite and steady while I already worry if I able to get on my flight or not. Sweating~

After few minutes, He issue my flight ticket and I found that it is business class seat so I ask him is it any mistake on that, He reply me that economic class is full seated so he issue me business class seat since still got two seats unoccupied yet.


After I confirm with him, I run to the gate and safely board into my flight. Thanks to him~ First time travel with business class really feels excited. More comfortable seat with more space around the leg compartment. Even a small pillow is already prepared at the side of the seat. After I board in and sit down, stewardess greets me and passes me a glass of orange juice.

After I finish, she pass me a hot towel to clean my hand and my face while ask me what kind of drinks I wish to drink when the plane on air. After that, they serve my bottomless Pepsi, my meal (sandwich and some fruits) and some peanuts too.

My flight is less than one hour travel from KLIA to Kota Bahru but they already serve me plenty of foods and drinks. The most important thing is their service is the best! I'm flatter by their service attitudes. Hehe~

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