Saturday, June 28, 2008


I think the picture tell its all, right? Ya, I am frustrated as you can see from the picture... Why am I frustrated? Actually nothing important, just I still jobless after one month plus after I graduated.
Now, I have spent almost half day to sit in front of the computer and log in Jobstreet to search for the jobs.... I mean everyday, you know how suffer is it? I don't think you understand my feeling... I have to search it, apply it, fill in all the forms, wait it to be process and so on. It takes a lot of time to wait the company say yes and call you for the interview.
Sometimes I really want to shout on my computer! Give me the god damn job! Fuck you!
But I still need to face a interview before had the job or maybe more than one interview too. That's not sure at all because mostly there will be two interviews...
When we sitting in front of those people, we really have to sell ourselves hard. Hope that they can hire me since I really have nothing; no experience, no flying color's results, no good looking face, actually we are nothing. Some of the interviewer asking damn so tough questions, fuck off man. I really don't know because my god damn university never teaches us! Damn university!
Until no, I not yet have a good job to hang on. Still jobless... I just want a job to survive... Maybe I should go to China since my second interview will going to China if I agree to accept it but I turn down them cause my family don't wish to go so far at least now... Do i regret now? Yes, I think yes. What should I do now? Maybe I should find some books like below: Job hunting for DUMMIES. So am I dumb head? I also don't know...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Glory Beach Resort: My Vacation

I stayed at Glory Beach Resort for my vacation with some dudes last weekends. Overall, that is not a bad place to stay too. We rent a 2 bedroom apartment for one night which cost us RM240. When we check in, they also give us meal voucher worth RM80. We stay at 7th floor which have a personal balcony.
I go with 3 guys without any girls... Freak? But i think it is still ok for me. You can see from the photo below, see how cute are them... hehe~ i think they will kill me after i post this online... haha~
Actually i go with superman and batman as you can see from the photo, haha~ Superman quite like to show off his husky body.
Batman just likes to be cute in his poster when his latest movie: The Dark Knight on the theater soon. Haha~
Moreover we all can see from the picture, our superman quite scare with batman when batman start jumping around to show his super power...
Batman love to jumping around... He really enjoying~
By the way, our dear superman found that there is some pollution at the Port Dickson beach. Although we don't know what is that but it really disgusting~
Another hero is here! His name is Hitler Hung~ In this picture, he seen like so lonely...
But we both enjoy playing "sand castle" around us/ on us. Haha~
Dudes, you all look handsome but dear Hitler Hung, your skin really too fair. It so contrast with your red lips too.
Here is the dinner... As i mention above, we got meal voucher worth Rm80 when we check in. Firstly we so happy cause we no need worry about where to eat our dinner but...
After we go there to the dining area, we felt disappointed with the food. Let me explain about it. For dinner buffet, it is cost RM24 per person; for breakfast, it is cost RM15 per person. So we decide to take the dinner buffet and we pay the extra RM4 per person since we already had the RM80 meal voucher.
Frankly, the food really not really good at all. After we took our plate, we just realize there are only rice, curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, some vegetables and that's it.
Nevertheless, it still have provide some fruits, cakes, mushroom soup and plain boiled water.
What can i say that is the food really disappointing us... But luckily we have backup plan for our stomach which is we already planning to having a steamboat afterward since the hotel need to charge us RM70 per day just want to rent their BBQ tools without any food providing. So we just forget our BBQ and planning steamboat in our room. A genius idea.
Luckily we have the steamboat in the room cause before midnight, there is a thunderstorm approaching the beach from Melacca Strait. And those people still BBQ at downstairs run for their life cause the wind is too strong and it really blow off something from their BBQ site. Thanks god we just not one of them running for keep cover.

In this moment, my camera suddenly having a strike for refuses to work anymore....
Sad moment for me~ But i have to face it too...
The worst is coming soon which is i get sick the day after i back to my house.
So, i am writing this post while my brain is stil blur blur~ i need rest~ oh god~

Made of Honor~

Basically, the story is about Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan). For Tom, life is good: his sexy, successful, has great luck with the ladies, and knows he can always rely on Hannah, his delightful best friend and the one constant in his life. It's the perfect setup until Hannah goes overseas to Scotland on a six-week business trip and Tom is stunned to realize how empty his life is without her. He resolves that when she gets back, hell ask Hannah to marry him but is floored when he learns that she has become engaged to a handsome and wealthy Scotsman and plans to move overseas. When Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor, he reluctantly agrees to fill the role but only so he can attempt to woo Hannah and stop the wedding before its too late.
In the movie, Tom and Hannah just best friends since 10 years ago. They love each others without notice by themselves until they have to separate for few weeks. Sometimes the best one already exists beside us but we never realize it before something happen. We never seriously look around us because most of the time we only look for others so called the most suitable girl friend/boy friend or even husband/wife.
For me, maybe i am the one of those people i mention early... Sometimes, i really don't know what i should and what i shouldn't. By the way, the movie is great! really a great movie~

Rest in peace~

Rest in peace...
Sorry for not taking good care of you before you pass away.
i not mean it to ignore you. sorry.
Now, you no longer beside me. How to i live without you?
No matter what, i hope i can get rid of your leaving...
Goodbye, my dear camera~

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Sometimes girls are not the only aim in your life, ok?
There are plenty of things need to be archive in your life, not only girls.
Don't make yourself so enjoy while another way you feel lost~
Get back and try to concentrate to those things more important than chicks.
such as...
Don't you think friendship is more important than those things?
Maybe we just think different way~
Don't let me down again~

Friday, June 20, 2008


When i watching this video, i really can't stop laughing~
Isn't he so pathetic?
after he knew the girl already attached, he just transform from angel to devil instantly.
Oh my gosh, a gentlemen u just meet suddenly become a disaster of your life~
And shouting "Fuck You!" on your face... quite scary...
Although i am a man too, but i never think that we should behave like this, right dude?
Would i will become like him when I'm still single on his age? Haha~ - Watch more free videos

My vacation just around the corner~

I am looking forward to my journey tomorrow... hope it is great and without any disturbing matter... just wish can take a break of my routine life...Beach... Blue sky... White cloud... Perfect sunny day...
That is what i looking for in my 2 days 1 night trip, hope it going fine in this 48 hours.
Please... Don't disappoint me, ok? i don't want see any of this around me when i jump into the sea. If not, i will damn angry and start to scold the hotel management.
In West coast of the peninsular Malaysia, it is often to see this cause Melacca strait is one of the most busy sea-route in the world. so i think you will know what i mean now...

Hope can take some photograph there since i long time didn't go out take photo already.

i found this photo on the net recently, do u all think that the little girl is outstanding than those young and hot chicks around her? haha~
Ya, i admit i like to see pretty girls but this photo really catch my eyes... Hope can take something like that but i have lack of one essential element which is those young and hot chicks. haha~ maybe i can take a male version~
Finally, just wish can have a great vacation with amazing view on this weekend...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Car's Fantasy~

Car, a noun always being connected to a man's dream. From small kid, guys seen like obsess with cars. No matter is a luxury car or normal car, at least there are four wheels there. Is it real? Or maybe just for me? I wonder which guy will not dreaming to have his own car when he is capable...

For me, i drove a lot of cars before... but i never have my own car... at least until now... Is it too misery for me? Be frankly, i love car... i love the moment i driving it~ quite enjoying~ but i never have my own car...

The 1st car i drove was Perodua Kancil when i still pursuing my driving licence.
After i had my driving licence, i still don't have any car to drive on. why? cause my father always not allowed me to touch his company's car. For the second car i drove before was Perodua Kembara which is actually my ex-girl friend's car.
Luckily, at this moment, my second sister bought an Inokom Atos Prima 1.1. I start to drive her car since she scare to drive it at the beginning... i quite enjoying driving her car...
After one year, my elder sister also bought a Perodua Kelisa Imago. I continue enjoying both Kelisa and Atos with limited time and plenty of regulation... Sad~ but what is comforting me is i still can drive their cars. I understand those limited time and regulation is just because those cars are not my car...
When i study at University, my kindly housemate let me drive her new Perodua Viva. Thanks for her, i drove my 5th car in my life. Although i not always drive it but i still enjoying my Viva time. hehe~
My 6th car i drove before was Toyota Corolla. Quite pathetic is this is also my ex-girl friend's car, not same with the Kembara owner... Sigh~
Toyota Corolla, a huge car for me. a little scary when i first drive it...
Recently, i drive my father's car. After this few years, he start to allow me to drive it but actually i don't like Proton Wira especially his one. Don't know why, i just don't like the feel. It just like killing me when i drive it~ Too bad...
I'm 24 years old now. Just want to find jobs now. When i gonna have my own car? I drove 7 cars after i had my driving licence which is already 7 years ago. Although i don't drive them frequently. For now, I looking forward to hold my own car but when the time comes, what is the petrol's price at that time? RM4/litre? Then how i gonna feed my car instead i already no money to feed my own selves. I don't dare to see it so far yet, it only makes me down.
Sorry for blah blah blah here, i just want to spit it out. Thanks for reading it~

Thursday, June 12, 2008



9 of May... That day is my 24 years old birthday.
I have a celebration with all my dudes + a babe
at Hoi Tong Steamboat, Seri Kembangan.
Quite a noisy place over there but i think we are the noisiest
among other customer after we start eating.
Did we drink? Nope.
Just the laughter behave like liquor for us. Haha~

These are all my friends shown at picture below.

(From right to left)
Sporty Raymond, OMG Ben, Hitler Hung, Trendy Tat, Diva Ting + Missing Big Boss Kenneth (Photographer)

Let me tell you all a story...
Once upon a time,
just 4 days before my birth, Hitler was reborn in Malaysia.
Last time, he try to kill all the Jewish.
But this time, he is plan to kill all the *****.
Just kidding, he is only one of best friend but we both are taurus guy.
See, he so cute~ i like him so much~

Since this fellow only few days older than me so, we just slice the cake together.
Thanks for them present us the cake~


I think you already hungry now, isn't it?
Ok, let me pass a slice of cake to you.
Come on, don't be shy... Hehe


After all the dudes eat those foods like they just came from famine country,
here is "crime scene" of our table.

Is it a little bit too much for 6 people?
That, i definitely don't know how to answer it,
i just know i am very full on that night.

After those food + the cake, my stomach limit really off the scale... haha~
but i am enjoying the moment with all my friends.

Thanks for you all~


I found this so called poem on the web...
Enjoy it~



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol Jokes

Recently, all of my friends are discussing the increase of the petrol's price
so i wonder is it there are some funny picture on the web.
Thus, these are my results from the searching on the web...

When the petrol's price was increase dramatically...

Our money is inverse proportional with the capacity of the petrol tank in our car

Until some day, we all bankrupt...

Sell my house? luxury car? including my wife so that i can pump my car?!!

I even can't give my love one a nice present and flower?!

This is the live style of Malaysian people living in Malaysia...

Someday maybe we will try to kill ourselves with the pump since we don't have money to the petrol?

Maybe a loan to pump FULL tank?

Maybe a tow car is cheaper than petrol price?

Or we need to sell our arms or legs just to pump my car with petrol?

Petrol is so valuable until we want to save a drop of the pump?

Maybe we should change our mindset to some kind "low-tech" transportation...

I bet those people with those luxury car will envy about your bicycle, haha...

Maybe one day, we come to extreme until we made our bicycle by wood~ hahaha