Saturday, June 28, 2008


I think the picture tell its all, right? Ya, I am frustrated as you can see from the picture... Why am I frustrated? Actually nothing important, just I still jobless after one month plus after I graduated.
Now, I have spent almost half day to sit in front of the computer and log in Jobstreet to search for the jobs.... I mean everyday, you know how suffer is it? I don't think you understand my feeling... I have to search it, apply it, fill in all the forms, wait it to be process and so on. It takes a lot of time to wait the company say yes and call you for the interview.
Sometimes I really want to shout on my computer! Give me the god damn job! Fuck you!
But I still need to face a interview before had the job or maybe more than one interview too. That's not sure at all because mostly there will be two interviews...
When we sitting in front of those people, we really have to sell ourselves hard. Hope that they can hire me since I really have nothing; no experience, no flying color's results, no good looking face, actually we are nothing. Some of the interviewer asking damn so tough questions, fuck off man. I really don't know because my god damn university never teaches us! Damn university!
Until no, I not yet have a good job to hang on. Still jobless... I just want a job to survive... Maybe I should go to China since my second interview will going to China if I agree to accept it but I turn down them cause my family don't wish to go so far at least now... Do i regret now? Yes, I think yes. What should I do now? Maybe I should find some books like below: Job hunting for DUMMIES. So am I dumb head? I also don't know...

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