Friday, June 20, 2008

My vacation just around the corner~

I am looking forward to my journey tomorrow... hope it is great and without any disturbing matter... just wish can take a break of my routine life...Beach... Blue sky... White cloud... Perfect sunny day...
That is what i looking for in my 2 days 1 night trip, hope it going fine in this 48 hours.
Please... Don't disappoint me, ok? i don't want see any of this around me when i jump into the sea. If not, i will damn angry and start to scold the hotel management.
In West coast of the peninsular Malaysia, it is often to see this cause Melacca strait is one of the most busy sea-route in the world. so i think you will know what i mean now...

Hope can take some photograph there since i long time didn't go out take photo already.

i found this photo on the net recently, do u all think that the little girl is outstanding than those young and hot chicks around her? haha~
Ya, i admit i like to see pretty girls but this photo really catch my eyes... Hope can take something like that but i have lack of one essential element which is those young and hot chicks. haha~ maybe i can take a male version~
Finally, just wish can have a great vacation with amazing view on this weekend...

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