Friday, January 30, 2009

Lion dance at Mid Valley

These photos are taken before Chinese New Year at Mid Valley. There is lion dance at Mid Valley Center Court on that day. Actually I want to go meet with Angeline on that time but since there is lion dance over there, I take out my baby and snap some of the picture before I rush to her.
What they call this kind of stand? Anyone can give me answer?

This lion dance is much better than the 1 Utama lion dance!

This photo using flashgun and seen like too bright already. Still don't know how to handle it.

Last photo, lion eating people's hands!

Overall, happy chinese new year! Hope you all the best in year 2009. Although the economic not so good in this year, hopefully we still can survive this crisis.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dancing Queen?

Finally I finish this post after such a long time after the event. These are the photos of the Salsa performances at 1 Utama almost 2 months ago. Actually I didn't plan to go for this event, it is totally accidentally bound into the crowd and notice there is a Salsa performance over there.


The guy on the photo above very "geng" cause he can dance very well although his body shapes so... hmm... Nice dancing for the first opening dance!


Not only Malaysian dancing Salsa on that night. "Orang barat" also perform at that night.


Huge group of peoples dancing Salsa together however I not quite enjoying this dance very well.


I like their dancing movement. The girl's skirt seen like dancing too when she turning around by the guy.


Too many photographers and spectators were standing in front of the stage so I can't really get clear and nice views on those performances. Overall, it was a nice and exciting Salsa performance!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My first Speedlite

Finally I added another new family member into my camera bag after I bought my baby DSLR for 6 months. My new family member is a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II. I'm quite happy cause I hope to have a speedlite for myself since long time ago. After this purchase, I have to work hard to earn more money to prepare my next shopping. Hehe~ Hopefully won't wait so long time.


I took some photos of my dear speedlite and this is one of it. Beside this speedlite, I also bought a soft box diffuser for it and another Hoya HMC UV filter for my 50mm lens. Happy shopping for me~ Thanks for someone accompany me to buy these stuffs. Who else again? Of course is Angeline! Hehe~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daylight Shooting


Today, 19.01.2009. I'm enjoying my holiday day 19th. Nothing to do at all so take out my baby camera and start shooting to the sky. Cloudy day with shiny sunlight behind those heavy clouds. Finally I added some things to my baby for this holiday. I will help them take some photos and post it on my blog too. Looking forward~

Monday, January 19, 2009


Barbecue, I love barbecue so much. Hopefully tomorrow won't raining at the evening. Hopefully~ I will pray harder tonight~ Hehe~ Barbecue! Here I come! Wait for me oh!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second look for CNY!

As I mention on previous post, I made another banner for Chinese New Year theme. I love Photoshop too much! Hehe~ But still got a lot of functions and skills need to learn before master Photoshop~ Should I ma


Memories for last 4 years


This is the college I stay when I studied in University Malaya(UM). It is the biggest college within UM compound. Actually I'm so lucky that I can stay at there for 3 years. This is my first impression when I first reporting myself to register in UM.


This was my roommate for 2 years of my Uni life. This photo taken inside our room when we are 1st year. He already back to his hometown and start to work now. We don't meet each other for some time already but hope he going fine in his life.


This was my first time as a team leader in one of the most important event in our Chinese community. There all are my team members and our team called TTK( Tugas-tugas Khas). Just like the special forces doing all the impossible jobs? Ya, you are right. That is what we do and we are the best in this kind of things. But without them, I don't think so we still can successfully carry on all the performances for the event. Thank you guys and girls!


This was my look when I in 2nd year. Why we took this funny photo? Actually we want to take passport size photo by ourselves instead of go to the shop and take it. That's why I wear shirt and others wear T-shirt. Those two tall guys were staying beside my room and we shared a same balcony too. This photo was taken around Chinese New Year as you can see from the door. Hehe~


These peoples are CC board. What actually is CC Board? Actually CC means Chinese Community. We take care all the Chinese residents staying in our college. Is it easy to be a board member? Nope, not easy at all but I'm enjoyed the time with them. They are nice but sometimes aggressive in arguement too. However, they teached me a lot of things. Thank you.


First year, i'm a team leader in the event as I mention on above. Second year, I'm that event advisor for supervise that event cause now is the turn for junior to handle it.


This was my 2nd year in UM and we are attending CC Prom Night on that time. From my experiences, this is the best CC Prom Night I attend. Nice place and nice food too. If not mistaken, it is held at Equatorial Hotel, KL. Highly recommend if you want to held some small function. Hehe~


This was my look in 3rd year. Where is my face? My face became Hello Kitty Pillow and bedsheet. Thanks for Mother to made me lovely Hello Kitty bedsheet. Haha~ By the way, I still stay in college that time... Not yet move out.


These are my coursemates in my Uni life. We went to Port Dickson for our first vacation trip and the last I think. I hope we can go for another vacation soon although we already graduated cause I miss the feelings when we hang around together. Is it possible we have a short trip to other places within Malaysia? Shall we?


This is my room I rented when I'm final year student in Uni. Decided to move out for my last year. Three people staying inside a small room and my table is the middle one. Hehe~ Now, one of my roommate already went to China for his career and another roommate still pursuiting his last year in UM.


Finally... After 4 years in UM, I finally graduated from there. Hehe~ I also graduated in a raining day too. All became wet so I don't take a lot of photos on that day... Bazir~ Thanks for my family support also.


Coursemates, they are my best buddy in my Uni life. We always hang around together, attend class, shopping, movie time, makan time and many more... Hehe~ We all no longer can meet each other everyday now but I still very appreciate what we can do in our friendship for now. All the best for all~ Finally, I'm no longer attach to the Uni life. My life just started another chapter of my life and I'm looking forward to it... Thanks god~


Monday, January 12, 2009

Paint with light

When is my last time paint some pictures? I think around the time I attended my final exam to draw some graphs or diagrams. After I graduated, I no need draw or paint something already. But recently I try a new method of painting which is called painting with digital way.

In this kind of painting, we need four items which are torch light, camera(my baby EOS450D), dark room(actually is my room and switch off all the light and curtain) and last one is tripod to hold the camera.

You can set the camera setting like below:
  • Set your aperture to f/5.6 or narrower depending on how is the condition of the environment.
  • Use wireless release and switch to BULB mode or use timer like me don't have money to buy wireless release.
  • Set your ISO to 200 for lower down the noise build up on the photo.
  • Set your lens into Manual Focus and focus your lens on infinity.
After that attach your camera on tripod then switch off all the light. Prepare yourself inside the frame and prepare the torch light to draw the object you want. Here are some results from my shooting.


Round circle!

A tree!

Do you know what I use for that blue light? Actually it is my hand phone. I just wish to add some colour inside my painting but you also can change the colour inside the photo with Photoshop software.


I extend the shutter speed so that it can capture more light. You all can use try and error method to find the best setting on your camera for that environment.

The last photo I using 30 second shutter speed. Thus, You can see me able to draw the love shape repeatedly. But due to so much light, you also can see me drawing behind the scene. Haha~ Hope you all enjoy and try this method. Good luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launch Now!

I just came back from Pavilion, KL for witness the new Nokia phone 5800 Xpress Music launch party. Nokia first touch screen hand phone is on the street now onwards with RM1499 each. The event is so crowded and plenty of bloggers also came to this event. I met Rames, Jason, Jennifer, Simon, Uncle Josh and many more... Should I mention myself and Angeline too? Hehe~
Overall, my favourite is those two Malaysian guys singing Hip Hop songs. Their performances are just great! I feel sleepy now so maybe I will add more photos sooner or later. At last, I put a photo of Rames when he is on the stage to answer a question from the MC.

Facebook? Messenger?

Old man

Nowadays, many people addicted to Windows Live Messenger and Facebook. People start to reduce the usage of using hand phone to sms their friends but using the functions from Windows Live Messenger and Facebook to contact their friends.

Am I one of them? Be honest, I am. I quite enjoy using Facebook to know how my friend is doing on recently. But I'm more enjoying hang out with friends in the reality than only virtually. At least I can see their emotions while I make conversation with them, isn't it better than emoticons, right?

But there are some of the people like to spend most of their time in chatting or playing Facebook while they forgot what they really should do in the real world. Can we survive in this world if you just spending most of the time on these things? Get rid with the past and move forward. What you did now will sure affect your life in the future. That's 100% sure.

What am I talking here not just to bring up more problems with those people but I just want to share with others which facing the same problem. God bless them and hooray.

The End

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Look!

Due to Chinese New Year is coming and I'm so free to edit photo recently, I made a brand new banner for my blog!
New Look!
New Banner
The coming year is the ox year in Chinese Lunar Calendar so I put an ox as a subject and two little kitty at the side because I like kitty. Hehe~ This is the first edition, I think I will make more changes later when I get some new idea. Chinese New Year is coming soon, let us shake shake for this new year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Malaysia Airlines

When I going to Kota Bahru, I almost miss my flight cause there is a heavily traffic jam on the highway. You know what is causing the traffic jam? They try to pave the road with new tar and close 2 lanes from 3 lanes highway. So what is the consequence? I'm late for check in my flight!

Oh my gosh, Is it mean I need to buy another flight ticket with my own money?! When I ask the front counter for check in, the MAS ground personnel shout on me with not propriety tones. Be honest, I don't like his tones since I already explain not my fault and I'm requesting help over here. At last, he asks me to go to another counter on the back of the row.

At the second counter, I explain my situation to that Malay staff and he said he can help me after he check my details on the computer but he need some time to process my check in. He is so polite and steady while I already worry if I able to get on my flight or not. Sweating~

After few minutes, He issue my flight ticket and I found that it is business class seat so I ask him is it any mistake on that, He reply me that economic class is full seated so he issue me business class seat since still got two seats unoccupied yet.


After I confirm with him, I run to the gate and safely board into my flight. Thanks to him~ First time travel with business class really feels excited. More comfortable seat with more space around the leg compartment. Even a small pillow is already prepared at the side of the seat. After I board in and sit down, stewardess greets me and passes me a glass of orange juice.

After I finish, she pass me a hot towel to clean my hand and my face while ask me what kind of drinks I wish to drink when the plane on air. After that, they serve my bottomless Pepsi, my meal (sandwich and some fruits) and some peanuts too.

My flight is less than one hour travel from KLIA to Kota Bahru but they already serve me plenty of foods and drinks. The most important thing is their service is the best! I'm flatter by their service attitudes. Hehe~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Christmas Present

For this year Christmas, I have to celebrate on the rig. Nothing much celebration on the rig but we still have a small Christmas tree and plentiful food on that day. We got turkey, lobster, salmon, chicken, duck, beef and plenty more. Huge meal but I only had some cause I don't have appetite on that day. But I still got myself a coke from the galley to celebrate myself while facing the rough sea.

Now, I back to home already and I suppose to play hard in this holiday. Unluckily, I got sick this few days. Flu, fever and sore throat are killing me. Hope to recover soon cause I want to play and I deserve to have great holiday while I have my off day. Looking forward.... Hehe~

By the way, I get myself a pair of sunglasses for this year Christmas present!

Merry Christmas to myself! Yeah~


I set up a small so called "studio" in my room to prepare shooting my new Ray Ban sunglasses. Setting up the backdrop and the tripod so that I don't shake my camera while I taking my photos.


Actually I bought this few weeks before Christmas but until now I only make these shooting on it. Quite lazy recently and I already get sick twice in two months straight. My body gets weaker and weaker. Sigh~


This is the whole package of new Ray Ban sunglasses. Actually the frame is quite big but it is suit for me when I put it on, is it mean my face BIG? haha~ I love this shape of sunglasses since long time ago. At last I owned this with my own hardworking effort. Hurray!