Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dancing Queen?

Finally I finish this post after such a long time after the event. These are the photos of the Salsa performances at 1 Utama almost 2 months ago. Actually I didn't plan to go for this event, it is totally accidentally bound into the crowd and notice there is a Salsa performance over there.


The guy on the photo above very "geng" cause he can dance very well although his body shapes so... hmm... Nice dancing for the first opening dance!


Not only Malaysian dancing Salsa on that night. "Orang barat" also perform at that night.


Huge group of peoples dancing Salsa together however I not quite enjoying this dance very well.


I like their dancing movement. The girl's skirt seen like dancing too when she turning around by the guy.


Too many photographers and spectators were standing in front of the stage so I can't really get clear and nice views on those performances. Overall, it was a nice and exciting Salsa performance!

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