Monday, October 19, 2009

Leaving again....

Think that I have to leaving again. Once again for the job I doing now. One month off from here. Away from my love one, my family and my friends. I have to face this before I see any exit sign on the front. I have to keep it up but I know I didn't happy with it. This is life I think so. So called life. Leaving again put my social life on halt. And putting my blog update on halt. New location, new environment and new people AGAIN for this time. I'm tired with this cycle. Who can lend me your hand to put me up~ sorry for talking crap gain. Thanks for your time. See you again after one month. Goodbye.

Feeling not good...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy rainy night......

Rainy_night_by_junehee - Copy
I'm still awake.
Outside is raining now.
Love the smell before the rain.
Love the sound of the rain pouring on the ground.
Love the freshness after the rain.
I love raining after all...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali!


Happy Diwali to all Hindu friends and those celebrate together.
Cheers and bring on the party!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Emo Bear...

Emo 01
Emo 02

Snowflake - Taiwanese Dessert Secrets

Snowflake 01
Angeline and I went to Snowflake located at Subang Jaya last week. Snowflake is selling many types of Taiwanese desserts. They are selling three major types of flavour which is cincau flavour, yam flavour and soya flavour. Then you can choose 4 types of topping for you previous flavour.
Snowflake 02
After you order and pay the bill, the cashier will give you a small "UFO" shape device. It is called beeping UFO by the way. Before that, I'm not sure what is the function of that "UFO". After my sister and Angeline explained then I got it. Actually it is like paging device, when your order is ready, the device will start beeping and flashing light. I heard that Taiwan local stalls also using such device too. Nice idea!
Snowflake 03
This is soya flavour with 4 different topping in one set. Cincau, Yam, Red Bean and "Pearl"(don't know what to call it in English, sorry). This is damn delicious because the soya flavour ice is so rich with the soya flavour. When the ice melt in your mouth, it just like you are drinking rich soya but not eating the ice but you still can feel the soya ice in your mouth. Meanwhile all the toppings are match it very well. I personally recommend this one to others. Haha~
Snowflake 04
This is the best seller of that shop(it written on the menu) but I doubt it. Hehe~ This one just not my type. Actually it is cincau flavour with yam and cincau topping. Doesn't like it much compare with the previous one. Maybe can try other flavour when I visit it next time. Looking forward. Yummy~


What is your pick of the day? Dammit... Being affected now!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Let the photos do the talking...
Hold Hand
Angeline 04
Angeline 01
Angeline 03
Angeline 02

Angeline @ Penang

Can you see?
Do you see what I see? This is the photo of Angeline and I taken when we travel to Penang last time. Since only both of us went to Penang, so we only can camwhoring in front of the mirror at the street. Although not clear enough but this is our memory also... Hehe~
Angeline 06
Forgot this is which temple design but love the contrast between green bamboo with the red colour wall. Angeline was hiding at the back while I want to take this photo. Love it~
Angeline 05
When we visit the Penang Hill, I took a shot of Angeline. Using the f/1.8 lens create nice blur background in this photo. Always love the chilling environment but not much choices in Malaysia... Wish to travel far far away....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lego 01
Do you still remember what is this? This is called LEGO and this is my favourite toys when I still a kid. I got my first LEGO set from the purchase of milk powder. But since then, I'm damn crazy with LEGO. My mother bought me more and more LEGO after that... Although not a huge set but still satisfy my needs. Haha~
Lego 02
I still kept my LEGO until now. Although I didn't play it anymore but I still love it. I love the creativity can be inspired by playing LEGO...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I hate this kind of feeling...

When you wake up from your bed, the first thing you worry about is anyone message you or call you to go back for work. If you really got a call or a message, you need to leave your house for one month. You never know when is the call or the message will knock your door. So what you can do is just keep waiting for it. Waiting to be execute on the electric chair. Those feelings are not good at all. You are watching the clock ticking every second and check the phone frequently although it doesn't have any incoming phone calls or messages. What can I do with that? Nothing, definitely nothing can I do for that. Sigh~

Dik... Dok... Dik... Dok... My clock still ticking now...
My Workstation
Finally I got my table arrange properly. After I bought a wireless keyboard, mouse and a laptop cooler pad, seen like my table is more tidy up now. While my favourite IKEA photo frame is just sit in front of me. Great~ I love my table now... Hopefully can get a bigger table and a more comfortable chair to pair up my gears now. Day dreaming again...