Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Angeline @ Penang

Can you see?
Do you see what I see? This is the photo of Angeline and I taken when we travel to Penang last time. Since only both of us went to Penang, so we only can camwhoring in front of the mirror at the street. Although not clear enough but this is our memory also... Hehe~
Angeline 06
Forgot this is which temple design but love the contrast between green bamboo with the red colour wall. Angeline was hiding at the back while I want to take this photo. Love it~
Angeline 05
When we visit the Penang Hill, I took a shot of Angeline. Using the f/1.8 lens create nice blur background in this photo. Always love the chilling environment but not much choices in Malaysia... Wish to travel far far away....