Thursday, September 25, 2008

First time to rig

This rig is called West Berani and it is a semi-submersible self-erecting tender rig. I will be going to this rig on tomorrow morning. This rig located around Miri so I will taking 8.40pm flight to Miri tonight so that I no need rush on tomorrow morning. I not sure I will be staying there for how long but maximum is 28days. So I not really can get in touch with friends in a month time.

If not mistaken, the rig got internet services but I don't have laptop and my handphone cant online too. So i not sure I can get online or not. Hopefully I can online. Hehe~

If I can't online then that means I can't update any post in this 28days. wuwuwu~ sad~ I still some posts which I not yet finish since last month. Sigh, have to postpone it again...

All the best to myself since this is my first time go to rig. Here is my working life start... See you guys in 4 weeks time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm back to my home...

After 3 weeks of traveling, at last I'm back to my sweet home. I totally bored to take any flight right now. From KL-SIN, SIN-KL, KL-Kuching, Kuching-Miri, Miri-Kuching and Kuching-KL, 6 flights in 3 weeks really boring me. Since my hand phone spoil already and I only took Boeing 737 but not 747, so I don't have any entertainment son the plane. Lucky the longest period on the plane is 2 hours plus. If not, I will sure keep disturb those stewardess.
From what I am observed from those flights, those services provided by MAS carbin crew are still ok for me. Polite and with a smiling face. Just some of them always show their "black face". Seen like all the people are making her angry... But overall, their services are great and I quite enjoying taking MAS to travel except the high pay in the flight bills.

But luckily I not yet see any stewardess like the picture at below. If not, I really will complaint the company when I get out from the plane. Sleeping? Sigh~
Most of the stewardess are malays but still got some chinese and indian. The MAS Cabin Crew's QC really on the standard cause from what is I saw, most of them really pretty, very kind and sweet. Unfortunately, I didn't see any stewardess like the girl at the pictures below cause I still prefer chinese, haha~
This stewardess really pretty with a sweet smile too...
Maybe one day Malaysia Airlines will change their uniforms to this kind of uniform as below... Hopefully... If there really dare to change it, I can assure MAS will overcome Airasia in the market competition. It because all the guys will rush to the MAS counter to buy tickets. Haha~
By the way, the food provided by MAS still very lousy... Maybe I just took domestic flight so they cut costs on it. I also don't know. Let me take an international flight to somewhere then only I can confirm this. Hehe~

Lovely Course Mates

I should post up this post last month but due to I busy with my work so I only post it now. Before I went to Singapore, I went out with my lovely course mates. We just wish to have a great gathering before I start my work so we went for spicy soup at Kajang. I think not much people know what spicy soup is. Hehe~
This couple looks very sweet and happy. Chee Siong looks so handsome; Chee Yee looks so pretty. Hope you two happy forever. Must invite me go to your wedding in the future oh~
This two guy concentrating on the TV only because that night is the Olympics closing ceremony. We are watching that closing ceremony while we eat our delicious spicy soup. Yummy!
After that, I bring them go to a cafe at the top of Kajang. That place is the highest place we can found around Kajang. From there, we can see Genting, KL tower, KLCC and KL city night view. There is a swimming pool beside the cafe too and there is free Wi-Fi provided.
Chee Siong, Chee Yee, Chin Chong and Ti Hin, I just want you four to know that. You four are the greatest buddy I have in the UM. We all took a great journey to reach here and I am really appreciate all the stuff you all did to me. Love you all~ Hope we can go out soon...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miri life is sucks~

Hello all guys and girls, I still Miri now. I also not sure when I can back home. Sigh, i already staying at hotel for 17 days starting Singapore, KLIA and Miri. I want sleep on my own bed...

I staying in Imperial Hotel at Miri, that is a huge hotel actually. What i love the most is the breakfast buffet they provided, highly recommended for this hotel!

Nothing much can find at miri... Their food are lousy, actually not my taste but the lunch provided by the training centre is the best. Today we eat grill lamb with black pepper source.

For the training is sucks, i almost being kill in the training process. Shit~ I have to do sea survival training here and all kind of rescue training. tired too.

I will write a complete post on it after i back home. hehe~

Really wish can go home now~

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm back...

I'm back Malaysia from Singapore. But I still can't back home now. It because I have to take another flight to Miri tomorrow morning...

I will be staying at Concorde Inn Hotel near KLIA tonight... My flight to Miri is tomorrow morning 10am.
Damn it, the flight need 3 and half hours to get there. Miri, you so far... Tired~ Miri, here I come tomorrow...
Really not sure when only I can back home~ Sigh~ Hopefully don't ask me go offshore directly after going Miri. Haih~

Goodbye, Singapore

I'm waiting for my flight at Changi Airport now. I will taking the 7.55pm flight to back malaysia later. Hope to see my friends but I can't. too bad for me...
I found that I lose my luggage bag key when I went for my dinner. Shit! I have to open my luggage by force, wtf!

I found that I love Singapore too... hehe~ hope to can come back shopping.
See you, Singapore...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PlayStation 3

Since I was kid, my family never bought me a video game console such as nintendo or playstation. Until now, I also don't buy any Xbox360, PS3 or Wii. Don't know why I never buy any of those although I like to play games. Maybe I just prefer PC games...

But for now, I really wish to buy a PS3 to play it. Why? It just have a only reason on that.
That is a game called " Metal Gear Solid 4 - Son of the Patriots ". It is a wonderful game starting from MGS1 to this MGS4 and spends some years to develop the game. Why it so interesting because this is ending of all four chapter. It just likes a conclusion or explanation for previous chapter.
I already watched the trailer of this game and this game already on the market now. I can't wait to grab a PS3 just for this game. Haha~ should I consider again since I just want to play a game? haha~

Sorry, this is just a small post so I will stop here. See you guys soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008


One of my friend went to Paris before that, if not mistaken, it is 2 years ago. He always tells us his wonderful journey after he back to Malaysia. Thus, I hope I can go there by my own soon. Hopefully before I enter my 30 years old birthday? hehe~
Hope I can earn enough money to stay there for 2-3 weeks~ How much actually it costs? RM10,000? Seen like this amount is quite big... But is it enough for staying there for so long time? Don't know at all...
Staying there for 2-3 weeks should be wonderful experience for me. Looking at Paris Triumphal Arch everyday... pass by Eiffel Tower each day... I think I will love it so much~
This is my dream! Hope I can achieve it soon! Must work harder to earn more money to get there!

Hope to see you guys soon... How is Kajang now?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My wishlist...

1. Tamron SP AF 90mm f2.8 Di macro
2. Tamron AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 Di II LD Aspherical [IF] macro
or Sigma AF 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 DC OS
or if I got more money then I will choose Canon EF 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 USM L IS
3. Lowepro Flipside 300
4. Canon Speedlites 430 EX ll
5.Canon BG-E5
6. Benro Tripod A550EX and.....
Ball Head BH-1
7. Canon RS-60E3 (Remote shutter)
or I want a wireless one then I will choose something like this Wireless Remote Shutter Control Cord Switch
8. Samsung 2253BW (22" monitor)
9. If still got money then I will get myself a Iphone too.

The End~

PS: I know I can't achieve it soon cause all of those stuff really very expensive! God bless me got so much money to spend. Haha~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

At singapore

Hello, just to report myself over here. I felt very boring at Singapore now. Not because of the places but is the damn training. The training is carry on for 12 days but I have to complete 18 test before I leave Singapore. Everyday need to study and study(although I watching tv at hotel most of the time).

Luckily I know how to go jalan jalan, hehe. I found a cyber cafe to online like now. It only costs me $1 per hour. hehe. Since I got some money due to my living allowance, I go to drink a cup of Starbucks coffee over here. Just nice~

Ohya, my handphone rosak already when I reach Singapore so I don't have some of your phone numbers now. Hope can get from you all when i back. Don't know what's going on with that fucking SE hp. Shit. Due to I need to contact someone so I have to buy a Nokia phone over her. Luckily not so expensive.

Training day is sucks. I have to spend 8 hours to listen those stuff I never touch before. Moreover still got tests. Shit! Hungry now. Don't know what to eat now cause I am alone. Those malay still not yet buka puasa... Ohya, I have a malay roommate too. He is still ok but he always lewat... Sigh~

Ok, today I write until here. Hopefully will come online again...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip to FRIM - Part 2

Continue my journey to the FRIM... While we enter into the forest, I saw this spot and I just shot it with my camera. What is the title of this photo? Ya, go green! Save the planet before too late. And remember save these trees too. Hehe~
This is another shot showing that new leaves grow up from the trees and it surrounding by a lot of huge trees.
I not sure this is a spore or what cause I never see such thing before. But it is very nice to shoot because it is so contrast on those lichens.
After shooting some of the trees and lichen, now is the time for my friends. My two friends are laughing non stop over here but the most weird and funny part is my friend's hand. Haha~ Is it she showing OK sign for me? hehe~
Here is another shot near the waterfall. I think I didn't done a great job cause I still not familiar with my camera and the weather that day is too cloudy~ They know each other for 16 years already and it still goes on now. They are close friend...
Ti Hin, Fech Scen and Fei Yee, hope you three like those pictures I took. Wish can go out with you all again. Nice hang out for that day! Great feeling for me~ Sure I will back FRIM again, that's for sure.