Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip to FRIM - Part 2

Continue my journey to the FRIM... While we enter into the forest, I saw this spot and I just shot it with my camera. What is the title of this photo? Ya, go green! Save the planet before too late. And remember save these trees too. Hehe~
This is another shot showing that new leaves grow up from the trees and it surrounding by a lot of huge trees.
I not sure this is a spore or what cause I never see such thing before. But it is very nice to shoot because it is so contrast on those lichens.
After shooting some of the trees and lichen, now is the time for my friends. My two friends are laughing non stop over here but the most weird and funny part is my friend's hand. Haha~ Is it she showing OK sign for me? hehe~
Here is another shot near the waterfall. I think I didn't done a great job cause I still not familiar with my camera and the weather that day is too cloudy~ They know each other for 16 years already and it still goes on now. They are close friend...
Ti Hin, Fech Scen and Fei Yee, hope you three like those pictures I took. Wish can go out with you all again. Nice hang out for that day! Great feeling for me~ Sure I will back FRIM again, that's for sure.

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