Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm back to my home...

After 3 weeks of traveling, at last I'm back to my sweet home. I totally bored to take any flight right now. From KL-SIN, SIN-KL, KL-Kuching, Kuching-Miri, Miri-Kuching and Kuching-KL, 6 flights in 3 weeks really boring me. Since my hand phone spoil already and I only took Boeing 737 but not 747, so I don't have any entertainment son the plane. Lucky the longest period on the plane is 2 hours plus. If not, I will sure keep disturb those stewardess.
From what I am observed from those flights, those services provided by MAS carbin crew are still ok for me. Polite and with a smiling face. Just some of them always show their "black face". Seen like all the people are making her angry... But overall, their services are great and I quite enjoying taking MAS to travel except the high pay in the flight bills.

But luckily I not yet see any stewardess like the picture at below. If not, I really will complaint the company when I get out from the plane. Sleeping? Sigh~
Most of the stewardess are malays but still got some chinese and indian. The MAS Cabin Crew's QC really on the standard cause from what is I saw, most of them really pretty, very kind and sweet. Unfortunately, I didn't see any stewardess like the girl at the pictures below cause I still prefer chinese, haha~
This stewardess really pretty with a sweet smile too...
Maybe one day Malaysia Airlines will change their uniforms to this kind of uniform as below... Hopefully... If there really dare to change it, I can assure MAS will overcome Airasia in the market competition. It because all the guys will rush to the MAS counter to buy tickets. Haha~
By the way, the food provided by MAS still very lousy... Maybe I just took domestic flight so they cut costs on it. I also don't know. Let me take an international flight to somewhere then only I can confirm this. Hehe~

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