Thursday, September 4, 2008

At singapore

Hello, just to report myself over here. I felt very boring at Singapore now. Not because of the places but is the damn training. The training is carry on for 12 days but I have to complete 18 test before I leave Singapore. Everyday need to study and study(although I watching tv at hotel most of the time).

Luckily I know how to go jalan jalan, hehe. I found a cyber cafe to online like now. It only costs me $1 per hour. hehe. Since I got some money due to my living allowance, I go to drink a cup of Starbucks coffee over here. Just nice~

Ohya, my handphone rosak already when I reach Singapore so I don't have some of your phone numbers now. Hope can get from you all when i back. Don't know what's going on with that fucking SE hp. Shit. Due to I need to contact someone so I have to buy a Nokia phone over her. Luckily not so expensive.

Training day is sucks. I have to spend 8 hours to listen those stuff I never touch before. Moreover still got tests. Shit! Hungry now. Don't know what to eat now cause I am alone. Those malay still not yet buka puasa... Ohya, I have a malay roommate too. He is still ok but he always lewat... Sigh~

Ok, today I write until here. Hopefully will come online again...

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