Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miri life is sucks~

Hello all guys and girls, I still Miri now. I also not sure when I can back home. Sigh, i already staying at hotel for 17 days starting Singapore, KLIA and Miri. I want sleep on my own bed...

I staying in Imperial Hotel at Miri, that is a huge hotel actually. What i love the most is the breakfast buffet they provided, highly recommended for this hotel!

Nothing much can find at miri... Their food are lousy, actually not my taste but the lunch provided by the training centre is the best. Today we eat grill lamb with black pepper source.

For the training is sucks, i almost being kill in the training process. Shit~ I have to do sea survival training here and all kind of rescue training. tired too.

I will write a complete post on it after i back home. hehe~

Really wish can go home now~

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