Monday, September 8, 2008


One of my friend went to Paris before that, if not mistaken, it is 2 years ago. He always tells us his wonderful journey after he back to Malaysia. Thus, I hope I can go there by my own soon. Hopefully before I enter my 30 years old birthday? hehe~
Hope I can earn enough money to stay there for 2-3 weeks~ How much actually it costs? RM10,000? Seen like this amount is quite big... But is it enough for staying there for so long time? Don't know at all...
Staying there for 2-3 weeks should be wonderful experience for me. Looking at Paris Triumphal Arch everyday... pass by Eiffel Tower each day... I think I will love it so much~
This is my dream! Hope I can achieve it soon! Must work harder to earn more money to get there!

Hope to see you guys soon... How is Kajang now?

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