Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lovely Course Mates

I should post up this post last month but due to I busy with my work so I only post it now. Before I went to Singapore, I went out with my lovely course mates. We just wish to have a great gathering before I start my work so we went for spicy soup at Kajang. I think not much people know what spicy soup is. Hehe~
This couple looks very sweet and happy. Chee Siong looks so handsome; Chee Yee looks so pretty. Hope you two happy forever. Must invite me go to your wedding in the future oh~
This two guy concentrating on the TV only because that night is the Olympics closing ceremony. We are watching that closing ceremony while we eat our delicious spicy soup. Yummy!
After that, I bring them go to a cafe at the top of Kajang. That place is the highest place we can found around Kajang. From there, we can see Genting, KL tower, KLCC and KL city night view. There is a swimming pool beside the cafe too and there is free Wi-Fi provided.
Chee Siong, Chee Yee, Chin Chong and Ti Hin, I just want you four to know that. You four are the greatest buddy I have in the UM. We all took a great journey to reach here and I am really appreciate all the stuff you all did to me. Love you all~ Hope we can go out soon...

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chee yee said...

Ben, I want the softcopy of those photos we took that day...