Monday, March 30, 2009


Suddenly got an idea to shoot some colourful photos. Ya, it is colour pencils we use to have it when we are still kids. Haha~ I bought a box of 48 pcs colour pencil pack to shoot it. I put all the colour pencils in the round shape according to the colour changes. I used my flashgun to shoot all those photos too.


Isn't it our life also as colourful as the colour pencils? Sometimes we not in good mood so we will have darker colour; sometimes we in good mood so we will have lighter colour. I love those shots I took. I should try other methods to shot those colour pencils I bought later on. Hopefully after I back from my job... Haha~


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Save! Earth

Do you still remember one of my post regarding to the Earth Hour event six days before? Ya, today is the moment of truth. On 8:30pm to 9:30pm tonight, we as a Malaysian and a responsible human being on the earth, we will switch off all the lights to support the vision from WWF to overcome the global warming issue.


You also can log in to this website to check the further information. But the most important thing is I at here to call upon all the people which still don't know Earth Hour to support them. Please switch off the lights for an hour tonight between 8:30-9:30pm tonight.

I made an poster for Earth Hour too.. Hehe~

Earth Hour 3

Let us save our earth today before it is too late~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo time

Playing my camera with my little giraffe. I prefer to shoot in Black & White rather than normal colour. I think I starting to love Black & White photo.... He so handsome isn't it? Haha~
Ohya, I bought an external hard drive recently. The model is Western Digital My Book with capacity of 640GB. Haha~ It is very huge, right? I never buy the hard drive so large like that. Maximum I bought only 250GB but it is almost 2.5 times larger. Wahaha~ My old hard disk almost full due to those RAW file pictures, all the movies and songs. I always need to delete some of my favourite movies to clear out some spaces for new files come in. Now, I no need worry about that.
I took some photos of my hard drive just to take my photo skills in practical. Actually the hard drive is glossy black colour but it reflect the surrounding colour when I shot it. Thus, it changed to pink + silver colour in the end. Hehe~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evening sky

I found that I didn't put much effort on photography recently. Lack of idea for what should I shoot. But one thing I'm sure about is I still love to shoot he sky especially lovely blue sky. For this time, I shot an evening sky in front of my house.


There were so much cloud on the sky that day. Can't see through the tight cloud. There was some light from the sunset at the edge of the photo. The sun starting to descent. On the second picture, the sky become more yellowish. I love the second one.


Hope can take more photo when I got free time but always can't figure out what should I take... Lack of ideas.... Who can enlighten me?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Support 60 Earth Hour

Earth Hour 1

Anyone heard 60 Earth Hour before? Actually it is to raise awareness of the public to save the earth from climate change. For this year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world's first global election, between Earth and global warming. Now we using our light switch to be the vote. Switching off the lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is vote for global warming.

So let's vote it together on 28th March 2009, 8.30pm, switch the lights off for an hour, we can make a different by voting the earth.

You also can login to this website to check the further information.


The remaining time is:

Friday, March 20, 2009

a night at Kota Bahru

Before that, I never been to the Kota Bahru in my life. Due to my job at Kota Bahru last time, I had the opportunity to pay a visit at Kota Bahru first time at all. After I reached the airport, the driver took me to the town and checked in into one of the Hotel called Grand Riverview Hotel. Company let me stayed in one big room alone. Yeah~ The photo below is the view inside my hotel room.


The hotel is just beside the river but the river is quite dirty because the water is in brown colour. After I entered my room, I went out to the downtown to have a walk over there. Due to I don’t have any map on my hand so basically I’m walking blind throughout the town. I noticed there are plenty of gates around Kota Bahru. Those gates are just as you can see from the photo below.


This is another huge and tall gate around the town. If not mistaken, there is a museum behind the main gate. When I get there, the museum already closed. So I didn’t go inside to have some photos. Hehe~


I forgot what is this building already but it is quite beautiful in architecture terms. I love it~


This building is a food court and some stalls selling traditional souvenirs like key chain, T-shirt and etc. I found that most of the building design around Kota Bahru is full of traditional styles. It is quite interesting since I can’t see it frequently in KL area.


Kota Bahru is only a small town. Not much tall and big buildings like KL and the place let me feel peaceful walking on the streets. Not much people around the town although it is still on daylight. Compared to KL, I felt safe when I walking alone throughout the town. Haha~

But I found some interesting notice around the town which is like the photo below. Our dear Barisan Nasional party do a lot of advertisements on the development projects done by them. So they put a lot of notice like this on the wall of the buildings. Interesting, right? Hehe~


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a satisfy conversation


a satisfy conversation

One month ago, I went to Singapore for attending a course over there. Actually it is a quite tiring course but it is really worth to attend it. Due to I no need to back office on Sunday so I gave a phone call to one of old friend in university a night before. Who knows she having his vacation at Hong Kong on that time. I travel from Malaysia to Singapore to find her but she travel from Singapore to Hong Kong to have her vacation. I thought we don't have chance to meet each other but she said she will be back on Monday.

So I asked her out for a drink two days after she back Singapore. She took a bus to meet me after she finished her work. Because of that day is raining, so we just have a sit at Starbucks. After almost two years didn’t meet her, I not really remember the full picture of her, just some of the scatter memories of her.

We had a small chatting at there while the rain still pouring non-stop. We talked lot of things that night. From question like “how are you recently” to global economic downturn and back to ourselves. Long time didn’t spent such time for chatting with her. Since when I thought, I think since we both still in first year, right? Just beside the lake until we heard the chicken crow. But one thing is obvious, we both grew up now. Mentally or physically. I do gain weight after i start to work, do not doubt it. Haha~

I think this is called life. We move forward while you spend each second more in your life but we do not stay still or moving backward. If not we can’t see the world like you see it now. I saw plenty of people stand still in their life. I do not want to be like them. I should moving forward while I can. Just hope them luck.

Opps, seen like i already flew to the moon, should get back to my topic again. For that night, thank you for coming to meet me. Our conversation put me in the thinking mode, thanks for inspiring me in the process. All the best with your work. See you soon~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Differences between girl and guy

I received an e mail from my colleague recently. Although it have some offensive contents to certain people but I wish we can enjoy it with open minded. Let us see what is it attached with the e mail.

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Saturday, March 14, 2009


This should be the post on January but since I not finish it on time so I can only post it now. I brought Angeline to Michelangelo's at SohoKL, Mont Kiara on her birthday. Due to that was the first time Angeline and I went there so we both get lost when we figure out how to get there. Haha~ But finally we reached there safely and unharmed... Hehe~


Michelangelo's atmosphere is quite good with the design with Michelangelo painting on the wall. But I quite disappointed when none of the staff was managing the customers when they enter the restaurant.

After we went through the menu, we ordered our dishes and one dessert. She ordered a spaghetti served with chicken and cheese.


While I ordered Cod fish served with lemon sauce if not mistaken. The Cod fish is great! I love it so much~ And for the dessert, we ordered a slice of Tiramisu and Angeline like it so much but I think it is average only. Haha~ Maybe guys don't like sweet food like girls. =P


Ya, she snapped me while I taking her photos too. So this is Ben at Michelangelo's. Haha~ I didn't take much photos at there cause there were two large groups of people having dinner beside us. I better do not disturbing them with my flash gun. Haha~


Overall, this restaurant is good in the environment but I'm very disappointed with their services. I been to so many nice restaurants, I think this Michelangelo's can take one of the last place from the list based on their services. Lazy staffs and only allowed one staff managed all the tables inside the room. So I think sure you can figure out what happens in that situation.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Long time didn't take photos already, always miss the shooting gathering due to the work. These are some photos I took in few months back. I think it is taken on January too. Haha~ Almost two months ago, but feel like just few days ago only. Kinda miss my relaxing Uni life though. Haha~

This photo taken at one of the Malacca Church when I went there on Chinese New Year. I like the blue sky very much~ It is better if there is more cloud on the blue sky.


This is my mum's Chrysanthemum in front of the house. My mum spends a lot of time on her flowers. I noticed she bought more flowers each time I back home. Haha~


This is another flower my mum bought. It is the normal flower we can see from the road side, right? Haha~ But my mother still bought it too. Forgot what is the name of this flower...


This is my dear giraffe with tangerine. Maybe he like to eat tangerine too. Haha~


Four different photos with four different theme. Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange colour. Hope to shoot more colourful theme's photos recently~

Monday, March 9, 2009

work work work

Have to go Miri on this evening. Not sure when will be coming back home although I got my return ticket on my hand. In this field, everything can be change in the split of the second but I have to accept it since it is my job.

Have to meet Singapore HR personnel in this trip to Miri. Don't know what to tell him yet. I think I should have some ideas before enter his room on tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get back home after few days at Miri. Really don't wish to go to rig directly after met Uncle Lobo(my instructor).

The main purpose to go Miri is because I have to attend Uncle Lobo's class and being access by him to understand how is my performances and skills. So due to that reason, I need to prepare for plenty of his questions and tests paper to test me.

I need to study a lot due to that. Haha~ I thought I can run away from tests after my university life but who knows I still have to attend tests now. Hehe~ But I know I really can learn a lot from Uncle Lobo when I compare myself to other colleagues not yet meet Uncle Lobo. That is one of the advantage and let me feel more confident when doing my jobs.

Aiks, I starting to mumble again. Better make it short and continue packing my luggage. See ya~

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 weeks in Singapore

When I went to Singapore for training on last year September, my hand phone was spoiled before I enter the flight. But luckily I went to Singapore this time, my hand phone still in one piece. Due to that, I still able to take some photos in this trip. Actually I went to Singapore for a 2 weeks course prepared by my company. So in short, it is a business trip without much free time for me to relax.

I took the window seat when I on the way going to Singapore and that day weather is a great sunny day. I love the blue sky so much so I took a photo from the airplane’s window.


This is another photo showing the window in front of me. Really damn hot on that day.

I stayed at the same hotel opposite the Parkway Parade which is called Paramount Hotel. The hotel is quite ok for me since it near to the Parkway Parade and food court too. But this time, my breakfast and dinner was already prepared by the hotel so I no need eat at outside. Yeah~


This was my instructor for that 2 weeks, his name is Kyaw Min Htoo from Myanmar. He is a nice and funny guy. He already almost 19 years experience in our company. Good senior though.


Singaporean are much richer than average Malaysian, right? Expensive and luxury car can easy to spot out on the road. This was one of the expensive car I spotted it parking in front of my hotel. Nissan GT-R! I love this car, man.

Due to the course is Monday to Saturday in a week, it really made me so tension about it since I still have to do some test paper after this course. After a week over there, I really can’t hold on anymore so I took a bus from the hotel and head towards the downtown of Singapore on the weekend. Actually it is quite relaxing to spent some time by walking around Singapore at the night. But the main purpose I went there is because of the live performance at the Esplanade(Theatres on the bay).


I love their live performance over there. I heard that they always will be there for every Friday to Sunday. So maybe can catch up with them on my next visiting to Singapore. Due to I was attending a course in that period, so I not really enjoy for the two weeks time. Maybe I should visit Singapore again in personal but not business trip. Hopefully…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HP Pavilion DV2922TX update info

To all the people wish to buy HP Pavilion DV2922TX within Malaysia,

From my survey at Lowyat Plaza, KL and few HP outlets around Malaysia especially KL area, I found that this laptop is already discontinued by HP due to they want to introduce more newer model. If you still can found this laptop within Malaysia, I think it should be old stock which they not yet clear out. I think I am one of the lucky one to grab this laptop before they discontinued it. Haha~

Besides, I wish to sell off my desktop recently. Anyone interested with that?

The specification of my desktop is:

Intel Dual 2 Core E6320 1.86GHz
  • 1066MHz FSB
  • 4MB L2 Cache
Intel DG965RY Motherboard
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3000 with Maximum 128MB Graphics
  • Supports for Dual Channel DDR2 800 SDRAM in 4 slots channel
  • Intel High Definition Audio (Enables 5.1 Surround Sound)
2GB Corsair PC5300 677Mhz DDR2 RAM
  • In Dual Channel with 1GB each channel
Western Digital 250GB Hard Disk
  • 7200 rpm
  • SATA 3.0Gbps
  • 16MB Buffer
  • Able to burn CD, DVD, DVD+RW
Cooler Master Extreme Power 430Watts

Normal Desktop Casing
  • 2 Casing Fan
  • 8 USB ports (6 at the back and 2 at the front)
Samsung 732N Plus 17” Monitor
  • With Dynamic Contrast 2000:1
If anyone is interested with it, welcome to send me an e mail to contact me. My e mail is

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crap? Crap.

Today is 3rd of March; it is already 6 months since I start to work. In these 6 months, I am damn busy with my job. But I still love it since I still can have few weeks holiday after nonstop 4 weeks work on the rig. In this 6 months, I have chance to travel to a lot of new places for me and I am lucky able to work with people come from different countries all over the world. It is a great experience for a fresh graduate like me. I learned from their cultures, life experiences and their thoughts. I saw different kinds of character among them. Good or bad, everything. And it changed me without my notice. Am I become better or getting worst? I not sure about the answer for this question too.

I found that I didn’t update much in my blog recently although there is plenty of unfinished posts in the draft box. But what be grateful is I still update my banner. Haha~ Is it ok? Long time didn’t crapping after I start working. I think it is a good sign than always crapping in the past.

I will fly again on next Monday. Thus, I can’t be updating my blog again. Sigh~ Hopefully I can squeeze some time out for this blog…