Saturday, March 14, 2009


This should be the post on January but since I not finish it on time so I can only post it now. I brought Angeline to Michelangelo's at SohoKL, Mont Kiara on her birthday. Due to that was the first time Angeline and I went there so we both get lost when we figure out how to get there. Haha~ But finally we reached there safely and unharmed... Hehe~


Michelangelo's atmosphere is quite good with the design with Michelangelo painting on the wall. But I quite disappointed when none of the staff was managing the customers when they enter the restaurant.

After we went through the menu, we ordered our dishes and one dessert. She ordered a spaghetti served with chicken and cheese.


While I ordered Cod fish served with lemon sauce if not mistaken. The Cod fish is great! I love it so much~ And for the dessert, we ordered a slice of Tiramisu and Angeline like it so much but I think it is average only. Haha~ Maybe guys don't like sweet food like girls. =P


Ya, she snapped me while I taking her photos too. So this is Ben at Michelangelo's. Haha~ I didn't take much photos at there cause there were two large groups of people having dinner beside us. I better do not disturbing them with my flash gun. Haha~


Overall, this restaurant is good in the environment but I'm very disappointed with their services. I been to so many nice restaurants, I think this Michelangelo's can take one of the last place from the list based on their services. Lazy staffs and only allowed one staff managed all the tables inside the room. So I think sure you can figure out what happens in that situation.

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