Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crap? Crap.

Today is 3rd of March; it is already 6 months since I start to work. In these 6 months, I am damn busy with my job. But I still love it since I still can have few weeks holiday after nonstop 4 weeks work on the rig. In this 6 months, I have chance to travel to a lot of new places for me and I am lucky able to work with people come from different countries all over the world. It is a great experience for a fresh graduate like me. I learned from their cultures, life experiences and their thoughts. I saw different kinds of character among them. Good or bad, everything. And it changed me without my notice. Am I become better or getting worst? I not sure about the answer for this question too.

I found that I didn’t update much in my blog recently although there is plenty of unfinished posts in the draft box. But what be grateful is I still update my banner. Haha~ Is it ok? Long time didn’t crapping after I start working. I think it is a good sign than always crapping in the past.

I will fly again on next Monday. Thus, I can’t be updating my blog again. Sigh~ Hopefully I can squeeze some time out for this blog…

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