Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a satisfy conversation


a satisfy conversation

One month ago, I went to Singapore for attending a course over there. Actually it is a quite tiring course but it is really worth to attend it. Due to I no need to back office on Sunday so I gave a phone call to one of old friend in university a night before. Who knows she having his vacation at Hong Kong on that time. I travel from Malaysia to Singapore to find her but she travel from Singapore to Hong Kong to have her vacation. I thought we don't have chance to meet each other but she said she will be back on Monday.

So I asked her out for a drink two days after she back Singapore. She took a bus to meet me after she finished her work. Because of that day is raining, so we just have a sit at Starbucks. After almost two years didn’t meet her, I not really remember the full picture of her, just some of the scatter memories of her.

We had a small chatting at there while the rain still pouring non-stop. We talked lot of things that night. From question like “how are you recently” to global economic downturn and back to ourselves. Long time didn’t spent such time for chatting with her. Since when I thought, I think since we both still in first year, right? Just beside the lake until we heard the chicken crow. But one thing is obvious, we both grew up now. Mentally or physically. I do gain weight after i start to work, do not doubt it. Haha~

I think this is called life. We move forward while you spend each second more in your life but we do not stay still or moving backward. If not we can’t see the world like you see it now. I saw plenty of people stand still in their life. I do not want to be like them. I should moving forward while I can. Just hope them luck.

Opps, seen like i already flew to the moon, should get back to my topic again. For that night, thank you for coming to meet me. Our conversation put me in the thinking mode, thanks for inspiring me in the process. All the best with your work. See you soon~

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