Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo time

Playing my camera with my little giraffe. I prefer to shoot in Black & White rather than normal colour. I think I starting to love Black & White photo.... He so handsome isn't it? Haha~
Ohya, I bought an external hard drive recently. The model is Western Digital My Book with capacity of 640GB. Haha~ It is very huge, right? I never buy the hard drive so large like that. Maximum I bought only 250GB but it is almost 2.5 times larger. Wahaha~ My old hard disk almost full due to those RAW file pictures, all the movies and songs. I always need to delete some of my favourite movies to clear out some spaces for new files come in. Now, I no need worry about that.
I took some photos of my hard drive just to take my photo skills in practical. Actually the hard drive is glossy black colour but it reflect the surrounding colour when I shot it. Thus, it changed to pink + silver colour in the end. Hehe~

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