Thursday, March 12, 2009


Long time didn't take photos already, always miss the shooting gathering due to the work. These are some photos I took in few months back. I think it is taken on January too. Haha~ Almost two months ago, but feel like just few days ago only. Kinda miss my relaxing Uni life though. Haha~

This photo taken at one of the Malacca Church when I went there on Chinese New Year. I like the blue sky very much~ It is better if there is more cloud on the blue sky.


This is my mum's Chrysanthemum in front of the house. My mum spends a lot of time on her flowers. I noticed she bought more flowers each time I back home. Haha~


This is another flower my mum bought. It is the normal flower we can see from the road side, right? Haha~ But my mother still bought it too. Forgot what is the name of this flower...


This is my dear giraffe with tangerine. Maybe he like to eat tangerine too. Haha~


Four different photos with four different theme. Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange colour. Hope to shoot more colourful theme's photos recently~

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