Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 weeks in Singapore

When I went to Singapore for training on last year September, my hand phone was spoiled before I enter the flight. But luckily I went to Singapore this time, my hand phone still in one piece. Due to that, I still able to take some photos in this trip. Actually I went to Singapore for a 2 weeks course prepared by my company. So in short, it is a business trip without much free time for me to relax.

I took the window seat when I on the way going to Singapore and that day weather is a great sunny day. I love the blue sky so much so I took a photo from the airplane’s window.


This is another photo showing the window in front of me. Really damn hot on that day.

I stayed at the same hotel opposite the Parkway Parade which is called Paramount Hotel. The hotel is quite ok for me since it near to the Parkway Parade and food court too. But this time, my breakfast and dinner was already prepared by the hotel so I no need eat at outside. Yeah~


This was my instructor for that 2 weeks, his name is Kyaw Min Htoo from Myanmar. He is a nice and funny guy. He already almost 19 years experience in our company. Good senior though.


Singaporean are much richer than average Malaysian, right? Expensive and luxury car can easy to spot out on the road. This was one of the expensive car I spotted it parking in front of my hotel. Nissan GT-R! I love this car, man.

Due to the course is Monday to Saturday in a week, it really made me so tension about it since I still have to do some test paper after this course. After a week over there, I really can’t hold on anymore so I took a bus from the hotel and head towards the downtown of Singapore on the weekend. Actually it is quite relaxing to spent some time by walking around Singapore at the night. But the main purpose I went there is because of the live performance at the Esplanade(Theatres on the bay).


I love their live performance over there. I heard that they always will be there for every Friday to Sunday. So maybe can catch up with them on my next visiting to Singapore. Due to I was attending a course in that period, so I not really enjoy for the two weeks time. Maybe I should visit Singapore again in personal but not business trip. Hopefully…

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