Friday, March 20, 2009

a night at Kota Bahru

Before that, I never been to the Kota Bahru in my life. Due to my job at Kota Bahru last time, I had the opportunity to pay a visit at Kota Bahru first time at all. After I reached the airport, the driver took me to the town and checked in into one of the Hotel called Grand Riverview Hotel. Company let me stayed in one big room alone. Yeah~ The photo below is the view inside my hotel room.


The hotel is just beside the river but the river is quite dirty because the water is in brown colour. After I entered my room, I went out to the downtown to have a walk over there. Due to I don’t have any map on my hand so basically I’m walking blind throughout the town. I noticed there are plenty of gates around Kota Bahru. Those gates are just as you can see from the photo below.


This is another huge and tall gate around the town. If not mistaken, there is a museum behind the main gate. When I get there, the museum already closed. So I didn’t go inside to have some photos. Hehe~


I forgot what is this building already but it is quite beautiful in architecture terms. I love it~


This building is a food court and some stalls selling traditional souvenirs like key chain, T-shirt and etc. I found that most of the building design around Kota Bahru is full of traditional styles. It is quite interesting since I can’t see it frequently in KL area.


Kota Bahru is only a small town. Not much tall and big buildings like KL and the place let me feel peaceful walking on the streets. Not much people around the town although it is still on daylight. Compared to KL, I felt safe when I walking alone throughout the town. Haha~

But I found some interesting notice around the town which is like the photo below. Our dear Barisan Nasional party do a lot of advertisements on the development projects done by them. So they put a lot of notice like this on the wall of the buildings. Interesting, right? Hehe~


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