Monday, March 9, 2009

work work work

Have to go Miri on this evening. Not sure when will be coming back home although I got my return ticket on my hand. In this field, everything can be change in the split of the second but I have to accept it since it is my job.

Have to meet Singapore HR personnel in this trip to Miri. Don't know what to tell him yet. I think I should have some ideas before enter his room on tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get back home after few days at Miri. Really don't wish to go to rig directly after met Uncle Lobo(my instructor).

The main purpose to go Miri is because I have to attend Uncle Lobo's class and being access by him to understand how is my performances and skills. So due to that reason, I need to prepare for plenty of his questions and tests paper to test me.

I need to study a lot due to that. Haha~ I thought I can run away from tests after my university life but who knows I still have to attend tests now. Hehe~ But I know I really can learn a lot from Uncle Lobo when I compare myself to other colleagues not yet meet Uncle Lobo. That is one of the advantage and let me feel more confident when doing my jobs.

Aiks, I starting to mumble again. Better make it short and continue packing my luggage. See ya~

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