Sunday, January 18, 2009

Memories for last 4 years


This is the college I stay when I studied in University Malaya(UM). It is the biggest college within UM compound. Actually I'm so lucky that I can stay at there for 3 years. This is my first impression when I first reporting myself to register in UM.


This was my roommate for 2 years of my Uni life. This photo taken inside our room when we are 1st year. He already back to his hometown and start to work now. We don't meet each other for some time already but hope he going fine in his life.


This was my first time as a team leader in one of the most important event in our Chinese community. There all are my team members and our team called TTK( Tugas-tugas Khas). Just like the special forces doing all the impossible jobs? Ya, you are right. That is what we do and we are the best in this kind of things. But without them, I don't think so we still can successfully carry on all the performances for the event. Thank you guys and girls!


This was my look when I in 2nd year. Why we took this funny photo? Actually we want to take passport size photo by ourselves instead of go to the shop and take it. That's why I wear shirt and others wear T-shirt. Those two tall guys were staying beside my room and we shared a same balcony too. This photo was taken around Chinese New Year as you can see from the door. Hehe~


These peoples are CC board. What actually is CC Board? Actually CC means Chinese Community. We take care all the Chinese residents staying in our college. Is it easy to be a board member? Nope, not easy at all but I'm enjoyed the time with them. They are nice but sometimes aggressive in arguement too. However, they teached me a lot of things. Thank you.


First year, i'm a team leader in the event as I mention on above. Second year, I'm that event advisor for supervise that event cause now is the turn for junior to handle it.


This was my 2nd year in UM and we are attending CC Prom Night on that time. From my experiences, this is the best CC Prom Night I attend. Nice place and nice food too. If not mistaken, it is held at Equatorial Hotel, KL. Highly recommend if you want to held some small function. Hehe~


This was my look in 3rd year. Where is my face? My face became Hello Kitty Pillow and bedsheet. Thanks for Mother to made me lovely Hello Kitty bedsheet. Haha~ By the way, I still stay in college that time... Not yet move out.


These are my coursemates in my Uni life. We went to Port Dickson for our first vacation trip and the last I think. I hope we can go for another vacation soon although we already graduated cause I miss the feelings when we hang around together. Is it possible we have a short trip to other places within Malaysia? Shall we?


This is my room I rented when I'm final year student in Uni. Decided to move out for my last year. Three people staying inside a small room and my table is the middle one. Hehe~ Now, one of my roommate already went to China for his career and another roommate still pursuiting his last year in UM.


Finally... After 4 years in UM, I finally graduated from there. Hehe~ I also graduated in a raining day too. All became wet so I don't take a lot of photos on that day... Bazir~ Thanks for my family support also.


Coursemates, they are my best buddy in my Uni life. We always hang around together, attend class, shopping, movie time, makan time and many more... Hehe~ We all no longer can meet each other everyday now but I still very appreciate what we can do in our friendship for now. All the best for all~ Finally, I'm no longer attach to the Uni life. My life just started another chapter of my life and I'm looking forward to it... Thanks god~


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wao...such a nice memory rite?
miss u much dear ah gong