Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol Jokes

Recently, all of my friends are discussing the increase of the petrol's price
so i wonder is it there are some funny picture on the web.
Thus, these are my results from the searching on the web...

When the petrol's price was increase dramatically...

Our money is inverse proportional with the capacity of the petrol tank in our car

Until some day, we all bankrupt...

Sell my house? luxury car? including my wife so that i can pump my car?!!

I even can't give my love one a nice present and flower?!

This is the live style of Malaysian people living in Malaysia...

Someday maybe we will try to kill ourselves with the pump since we don't have money to the petrol?

Maybe a loan to pump FULL tank?

Maybe a tow car is cheaper than petrol price?

Or we need to sell our arms or legs just to pump my car with petrol?

Petrol is so valuable until we want to save a drop of the pump?

Maybe we should change our mindset to some kind "low-tech" transportation...

I bet those people with those luxury car will envy about your bicycle, haha...

Maybe one day, we come to extreme until we made our bicycle by wood~ hahaha


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