Monday, June 23, 2008

Glory Beach Resort: My Vacation

I stayed at Glory Beach Resort for my vacation with some dudes last weekends. Overall, that is not a bad place to stay too. We rent a 2 bedroom apartment for one night which cost us RM240. When we check in, they also give us meal voucher worth RM80. We stay at 7th floor which have a personal balcony.
I go with 3 guys without any girls... Freak? But i think it is still ok for me. You can see from the photo below, see how cute are them... hehe~ i think they will kill me after i post this online... haha~
Actually i go with superman and batman as you can see from the photo, haha~ Superman quite like to show off his husky body.
Batman just likes to be cute in his poster when his latest movie: The Dark Knight on the theater soon. Haha~
Moreover we all can see from the picture, our superman quite scare with batman when batman start jumping around to show his super power...
Batman love to jumping around... He really enjoying~
By the way, our dear superman found that there is some pollution at the Port Dickson beach. Although we don't know what is that but it really disgusting~
Another hero is here! His name is Hitler Hung~ In this picture, he seen like so lonely...
But we both enjoy playing "sand castle" around us/ on us. Haha~
Dudes, you all look handsome but dear Hitler Hung, your skin really too fair. It so contrast with your red lips too.
Here is the dinner... As i mention above, we got meal voucher worth Rm80 when we check in. Firstly we so happy cause we no need worry about where to eat our dinner but...
After we go there to the dining area, we felt disappointed with the food. Let me explain about it. For dinner buffet, it is cost RM24 per person; for breakfast, it is cost RM15 per person. So we decide to take the dinner buffet and we pay the extra RM4 per person since we already had the RM80 meal voucher.
Frankly, the food really not really good at all. After we took our plate, we just realize there are only rice, curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, some vegetables and that's it.
Nevertheless, it still have provide some fruits, cakes, mushroom soup and plain boiled water.
What can i say that is the food really disappointing us... But luckily we have backup plan for our stomach which is we already planning to having a steamboat afterward since the hotel need to charge us RM70 per day just want to rent their BBQ tools without any food providing. So we just forget our BBQ and planning steamboat in our room. A genius idea.
Luckily we have the steamboat in the room cause before midnight, there is a thunderstorm approaching the beach from Melacca Strait. And those people still BBQ at downstairs run for their life cause the wind is too strong and it really blow off something from their BBQ site. Thanks god we just not one of them running for keep cover.

In this moment, my camera suddenly having a strike for refuses to work anymore....
Sad moment for me~ But i have to face it too...
The worst is coming soon which is i get sick the day after i back to my house.
So, i am writing this post while my brain is stil blur blur~ i need rest~ oh god~

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