Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is going on with my country?

This is the article i saw it from my mail box. Before this, i never think that the increment for the price of the petrol is related with the car's price too.
You can see the price of the petrol is increase 40.625% since today which is from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70. That is a huge increment from previous prices and it must give some compliment to our government.
But as we can see, our car's tax is never being reduce since i also don't know how many years already. From the article, we can see a example of Toyota Corolla at the real price is US$19,000(RM60,500) but it costs us RM117,000 if we buy it in Malaysia. There is almost RM50,000 more than the real price in worldwide market. This have to thanks to our kindly government which wan to protect our fragile Proton and Perodua.
I am damn speechless when reading these kind of news, it's make me sick.
But what can we do as we are just a small citizen in this country, we only can pray more and more... God bless Malaysia.

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chee yee said...

Sure you can do something...Suggest you to join politics then you will have a chance to save our lovely country :D