Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Penang Ferry
Few months back, Angeline and I went back to Penang together. Angeline went back her home while I pay a visit to Penang after 8 years back since I last visited Penang. Angeline and I were damn lucky because we had a ride in a ferry called "Pulau Pinang" when we travel from Penang Island to Perai.
Took a shot for the cloudy sky through my sun glasses. Then edited in Photoshop and tuned it up. I love to shoot skies... Damn like it...
Took this in one of the temples. Forgot which temple is it. Too many temples in Pulau Penang.
Green bamboo trees outside a temple with bluish sky at the back...
Shot this photo on the top of the Penang Hill while waiting the cable car to go down. Nice red flower all over the trees.
Penang Island
When had the ferry ride, I took this Penang Island's photo. Add some feelings into this photo.
Penang Bridge
Finally, I shot this famous iconic bridge of Pulau Penang. If not mistaken, this is the longest bridge in Malaysia though.

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