Saturday, September 26, 2009

Penang! Part III

Ghee Hiang 01
Do you know what is "Tau Sar Pneah(豆沙饼)"? It is fluffy pastry with green bean paste filling and tau sar means green beans in Hokkien. I went to Ghee Hiang (義香) to buy some Tau Sar Pneah, Beh Teh Saw(马蹄酥), Hneoh Pneah (香饼)and Sesame Seed Oil. Ghee Hiang (義香) is a very old brand which start from year 1856 until now. Theif product is very good and very suitable to buy as a souvenir for family and friends.
Ghee Hiang 02
These two fat guys are standing outside of the Ghee Hiang main outlet near to Jalan Macalister at Penang island. Seen like they are so engorge in these two photos. Haha~
Penang Komtar
Lastly, I shot the tallest building in Penang which is called Penang Komtar. Shot it from inside the car when stopped at the traffic light. Not bad isn't it? Hehe~

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