Monday, July 21, 2008

New Life

I reedit this photo using Photoshop. Make it more contrast on the new life on the old tree. I take this photo long time ago but I still very love this shot. Now my camera can't use anymore. Hopefully can save enough money soon for my first DSLR~ Haha~ Can't wait for it~
But I really confuse on with which DSLR I should buy. I think I will buy either Canon Eos 400D or Canon Eos 450D.
Left handside is Canon Eos 450D; right handside is Canon Eos 400D. 450D is a new upgrade version from 400D. Hopefully I can get 450D before end of this year. Ya, set it as my christmas wish~ hehe...
Little baby, wait me~ I will get myself to you soon~ Wait me!

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