Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ah Tat~

Happy birthday to you, Ah Tat.
Wish you all the best in your life and happy forever~

Yes, we celebrating birthday again. This time is Wei Tat turns. Happy birthday to you. Sorry dude for the yesterday celebration, it is a complete mess... Sorry... Hope you don't mind. I never think that got so many issue came out... But in the end, we still can have a nice Pizza, hehe~
Ohya, do you like the cakes? Those cakes are bought from "Bread Story", nice isn't it? After all the traffic jams and bad food in "Food and Tea(欢喜地)", at last we reached The Mines Shopping Mall. Then we all rush into Pizza Hut cause we too hungry already.
Here is the Shao Xing Gong(寿星公) and dear ah hung~
This is our transportation provider, dear Raymond Wong. He really got boss look, hehe~
Our mastermind in our group, dear ah hung~
Here is the only princess in our group, don't jealous oh~ hehe

But where is me? I am missing again... Most of the time, sure i won't appear in all that photo cause I am the photographer which taking all those photo. That is what I like to do. So the disadvantage is so obvious cause I always missing... Sad~ Do you see what I see in the photo below? haha~ Ya, i think you saw it now. The only photo I appear in yesterday celebration and the only group photo we take. Thank you, Yen Ting...

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