Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I think most of the Malaysian sure knows which is the University of Malaya (UM). So called the oldest university in Malaysia and the most reputably too. Ya, may be studying at UM is an honour to somebody but some of the management decision in UM really makes me laugh.
I bet all the UM students will recognize this building, right? Ya, that is the Auditorium of Kompleks Perdana Siswa (KPS). As we know, there are some ATM machines there. If my memory served me right, there is a robbery occurred in front of this building last time when those security guards are transferring money to the machine. So the security must be improved a lot after the robbery, right?

But do you know what I saw on the top of all those ATM Machine?
Ya, a CCTV on the top of all those ATM machine. but wait a minute, what the heck with that CCTV? Why the CCTV hanging like that? Isn't it should be pointing at the line waiting to the ATM machine or the main entrance? Why that CCTV is up side down and just put on the security alarm box?
Ya, may be Bush will have that face expression when looking at that CCTV. Haha~ Hooray UM!

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