Monday, July 7, 2008


I am damn tired~ These days keep making phone call and do survey about which car I have to buy. Badger with two company really exhausted. Moreover too many advices from all over the place causing me a little bit tension for all those stuff.
Frankly speaking, both companies really have huge differences.
1. Working hours
2. Salary
3. Benefit + allowance
4. Position
5. Location of working

There is so many differences until I don't know what should I choose. But now, I made my decision which is I choose the company located at Shah Alam. Hopefully I don't make a wrong decision.

Due to the job requirement, I have to posses own transport. So I have to buy a car. Yeah, at last I have my own car.... Quite happy with that cause no need ask people fetch you go everywhere.

First thing in my mind is I can get Proton new Saga. Reasonable price with those spec but after I went to three branch including the Subang Jaya HQ to ask about the car, they all replied me: If you want to book now, estimate only you can get the car three or four months (fastest). Or five to six months if demand very high.

Oh my gosh, 3 months - 6 months? How I gonna go to work? Dammit~ Thus, what can I do? I go look for other cars, maybe Naza Forza(previously called Sutera) or Perodua Viva. From Motor Trader Forum, all the information about Naza Forza is negative because actually there is not much changes from the Sutera and Sutera always facing faulty and easy to breakdown. I not sure is only their car like this or what but I really don't dare to try it so tomorrow have to go ask Perodua Viva, hopefully can successfully make the booking.

Looking forward to my own car~

PS: Sure we all have gone through this but I feel tired when without other people teaching how to do. I still young on this kind of stuff... But I will get ride of it soon...

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