Monday, July 21, 2008

Ichiban Ramen

Yesterday I went to Ichiban Ramen at Jusco, Cheras Selatan with my friends. That place still ok... I think the store's ambience better than Food and Tea (PS: Food and Tea is a store selling Hong Kong style food.)
I order Beef Ramen and Watermelon Green Tea Juice as my drink. The beef ramen still ok but the drink is fabulous. I love the drink. Watermelon flavour on the top plus green tea flavour on the bottom. Quite special for me but luckily it is nice to drink.
My friend order Karagare (PS: actually just japanese style fried chicken, haha) plus Iced Lemon Tea. Although the food is normal but food presentation is very nice. Seen like delicious for me... Yummy...
Another friend just order Japanese Fried Rice plus Apple Juice. The fired rice is ok for me but seen like too average for me, haha~
After our brunch, we all have a walk at the Jusco and I snap my friends from the back~ Hehe~

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