Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

I went to Sushi Zanmai with my friend to celebrate my graduation. The store is located at level 2, inside 1 Utama Shopping Centre. The place is no so visible from far away but it is a great place for sushi.
When I just sit down, I already take out my camera and start shooting around the place. Here is a view of the staff's back.
We ordered Hot Green Tea called Ocha as our drinks.
As an appetizer, we ordered Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) and Chawanmushi (Stim Egg). The name of the Stim Egg seen like malay because chawan=cawan so mushi is mean egg? hehe~
For our main course, we ordered Unagi Kabayaki, Chicken Katsu Curry and Kakiage Don. The potion of the Unagi quite small, only 6 slices and I finish it very fast, haha~
The Chicken Katsu Curry not so delicious because the curry seen like is Malaysia Curry rather than Japan Curry. I still wonder where I can taste truly Japanese curry without leaving Malaysia.
My friend's food is the Kakiage Don. Actually it is prawn in tempura style and put on the don. Quite nice too~
Overall, those foods are great in price and quality. My friend and I are satisfied with it but the services of those staff not so ok for me. Work very slowly and keep us waiting a lot...


chee yee said...

ya this place is good for sushi lover:)Nice and affordable :P
I went there twice so far...haha...I think will go for the 3rd time :D

Ben, the Kitty said...

Wau, your boy boy bring you there, is it?