Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diana Krall is coming to town

Canadian jazz pianist and vocalist Diana Krall is coming to town... She will be having a concert at the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre, KLCC on Oct 2. I am one of the fans of her and I like to listen to her songs.
Even though the ticket prices are slightly costly RM288, RM588, RM888 for general tickets and RM1288 for VIP tickets. For more information as well as the concert seating plan, visit HERE.
She really is a great singer with nice voice... I not sure I able to afford the ticket to watch her live performance at KLCC but I know for sure that is a great concert for every Jazz lover. If not mistaken, last time she came is on the year 2001 so it is already 7 years ago. So hopefully I can go there... I don't want wait another 7 years...

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