Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to FRIM - Part 1

Last week, I went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) with two of my course mates. We are gathering at the Kepong Sentral KTM station and then go there with my course mate's car. Moreover, one of my course mates brings another friend to join us.
When we reach the place, we start our journey into the forest. We took a track called Rover Track because my course mate recommends it. The photo above is the canopy walk in the rover track. If you want to walk on it, you have to buy the ticket at FRIM souvenir Centre before you going up.
Here are some photos I shot inside the forest. I spotted this huge bamboo trees on the way going up hill. Nice bamboo trees with greeny leaves.
And this is the root of the tree around the big rock full of lichen. The weather on that day not so perfect due to some raining on the morning. After that, it just becomes cloudy day before afternoon.

Here are my course mates and another new friend here. I shoot them while we pass by a small river. By the way, the water from the river is so cold and nice to touch it too.
This is the new friend I just met her. Her name is called Fei Yee. Nice and sporting girl I ever know. Haha~
This is my course mate in UM and her name is Fech Scen. Pretty girl with nice smile~
This is another course mate called Ti hin. Nice and good guy... Due to too much photos so I will be posting those remaining photos on the next post... hehe

To be continue~

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