Monday, August 11, 2008

Pick n' Brew

I found a really nice coffee shop called Pick n' Brew last week. The place is at the corner so I think not much people will found it. The staff I snapped is a shy guy, he totally doesn't know how to behave in front my camera but he is a cute one too.
Inside the shop, the seats are divided into two section (smoking area and non-smoking area). There are not much people inside when I enter the shop but the environment is damn nice.
We ordered two type of coffee which are Oasis (Kenya coffee bean mix with Indonesia coffee bean) and Symphony (I forgot what types of coffee bean it used). The special of this coffee shop than others is you can mix around with the coffee bean and create your own flavour such as I mix Kenya coffee bean and Indonesia coffee bean.
Besides, those coffees will be served in the Mocha Pot which is very unlikely you can see it around. Do you see my reflection on the surface of the pot? hehe~
We also ordered a Pumpkin Pancake and Apple Creepe to taste their flavour.
I like the Apple Creepe than the Pumpkin Pancake. Haha~ Next time want to try others. Overall, the place is nice and the service is great. Nevertheless, the foods are fabulous too. Actually they also serve lunch and dinner at the shop. Hope can try it out next time I back there.
Ohya, there are special place for a group of people too. It is nice for gathering with your friends. And for Pick n' Brew, it is really a nice place to hang out when you free.

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