Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wall-E with Advertlets

I went to GSC at 1 Utama watch Wall-E yesterday night cause I got two free tickets from Advertlets. The movie starts on 9pm so actually I reached there quite early. When the movie almost starts, the entrance already crowded with people waiting to enter the cinema. I shoot the crowded people before I enter with them.
I went to the movie with my friend, Angeline since I have two tickets on hand... hehe~ Here is her photo I took in front of the GSC cinema.
Nevertheless, sure I should show some of my photo too. hehe~ Oh, don't say me is narcissist but I just love to shoot everyone's photo including me.
Before I forgot, I have to mention something here. Finally I met Uncle Josh at the event yesterday. I asked Angeline take a photo of me and him. Haha, he is really a handsome and attractive guy.
I also met some of the bloggers like Karena, Pei Man(if I not mistaken) and Josh Lim too. I am damn happy to see them around. Just I am too shy to say hello with them. Since this is first time I join them so hopefully I will be behave better next time.

For the movie, I highly recommend all you guys and girls go to cinema and watch this movie. Damn nice and touching. I love it very much. Bet you all won't regret for it.

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UncleJosh said...

hey... don't call me leng chai la...
i am just ordinary... but then again... thanks for you compliment